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Addicted to meth

by Melissa

Hi my name is Melissa I'm 27yrs old and have been addicted to meth for almost 8yrs. I don't have a criminal record nor have I been arrested in my adult life. I held a job for almost 7yrs working at a gas station as a cashier until last November 2 days after Thanksgiving i was terminated for a no call no show.

I kept my addiction secret from my family and friends until exactly 1 week before my birthday in September of 2011 when i had to be rushed to the hospital because i was having a stroke. You would think after I had my stroke I would of woke up and found the help that I needed to get clean and sober but I didn't, in fact my addiction has only gotten worse.

I use up to $400 a week unless my week was stressful then id use up to $700-$800 a week. I am to scared to quit because I've depended on meth for so long just to get me through the day that i don't know how to handle my life if meth was takin away from me.

My health I'm pretty sure is really bad and the reason why i say 'pretty sure' is because i actually don't know. I haven't gone to the hospital to see how bad my health is for quite a few years but i know my teeth are really bad from years of smoking, my kidneys and spine hurt regularly, I'm unfortunately going blind in my left eye, and i have been needing knee surgery for the last 3-4yrs but keep putting it off for whatever reason.

I hope someone reads this and thinks twice before trying meth because you can get addicted after using just once. The high you get the very first time is very powerful and it will control your life the way it has controlled mine. I feel like a puppet on strings and meth is the one that controls your every move.... Please live your life drug free don't end up becoming someone like me who depends on gettin high just to make it through the day whose life ends up flashing before their eyes...

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It's not too late!
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Melissa,

After reading your story it sounds like you think of yourself as a lost cause. Like it is too late to do anything to save yourself. NOTHING could be further from the truth. There is ALWAYS hope and you're VERY young.

Please reach out and try to find help for yourself. Go to a local ER and tell them your story and ask them to help you. Find a local church in your area that has an addiction support program and start attending it. Ask your family to help you to get into a treatment program so you can stop using. If you can stop using many of the issues you have will reverse themselves.

I'm a counselor and would love to talk to you to help you figure out the best next step for you. Please replay to this message and let me know the best way for me to get a hold of you!

Don't give up,


by: Anonymous

It feels like i am a loss cause because even though i want to get help at the same time i love the high i get from meth that i don't want to give it up.

what's the point in me going into treatment if i am not gonna be putting my all into it? I don't like wasting peoples time or my own time on something that i know i won't achieve in especially when i love the feeling of being high.

I tried going to detox last month because i knew i was using to much when i ended up spending over a thousand dollars just in a week, but here in Alaska you have to wait 48-72hrs before going into detox because they wanna make sure your serious about getting help and they have you call twice a day so they know how "serious you are" and after almost 24hrs of me calling them twice and coming down off my high i gave up. You can email and once you email me i'll email you back with my number....

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- Matthew 7:7-8

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