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Both parents addicted?

I am a grateful recovering addict and have been sober for a little more than 3 years now. I am very concerned of my step dad and his alcoholism and my mother and her addiction to pills. My mother is in deep denial and I think my dad pretty much realizes that he is suffering from alcoholism.

I was wondering if you can send them some information in the mail regarding alcoholism and addiction just so they can be educated. I don't know what else to do. I can confront my dad but not so much my mom. She's very defensive and in complete denial.

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Reach out there is a lot of help available
by: Ned Wicker

There is no greater resource that I can send you than the Alcoholics Anonymous BIG BOOK. Well, guess what? It's free and you can download the entire book off of the AA website at

You can download it on your computer and maybe print out a chapter at a time. It's rather long.

The best selling book "Getting Them Sober" by Toby Rice-Drew is available on this web site as an e-book, and you can also purchase Joe Herzanek's book, "Why Don't They Just Quit?" on this site as well.

You might want to check out Al-anon and get some guidance and support from them. They know your situation, as the organization is geared for people just like you, who want to do the right thing and help someone they love.

If your dad is ready, maybe he can start out by attending some meetings and encourage your mom to go along. However, I would not force the issue with either of them and you don't want to be the lone wolf in this scenario.

Hopefully your dad will see the problem, but if your mother is in denial she will most likely be rather annoyed with you and tell you how wrong you are. Expect the worst.

They both might be in denial and side with one another, giving you a two against one fight, which is always a challenge.

For both of them, you might also want to check out local treatment center options to see what is available. You can have a talk with your doctor, who may also have some suggestions. You’re going to want to collect information and formulate a game plan to follow, with support. Again, don’t do this alone. It’s just too draining.

Remember, they have the problem, just as you did. You did great, so you know there’s hope. All the best.

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- Matthew 7:7-8

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