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Considering requesting a court order to have our son admitted?

by Malcolm

Good day,

I have a son who is 36 years old and has been addicted to a number of drugs such as CAT etc. We as a family have begged him to stop but he seems to love the drugs more than us and I do not have the money to admit him to a rehab centre, he has been to two rehab centres for short stints, the second rehab centre told him to leave before completion.

I am considering requesting a court order to have our son admitted against his will. However, before I go ahead with this,I would like to make sure I don't send him to some hell hole therefore I am writing to you in the hope that you can give me some advice. Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated.

best regards Malcolm

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Get more information before you choose best place for your son
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Malcolm,

Drug addiction is a disease of the brain and your son has lost control of himself to drugs. He still loves you but the drug controls all of his emotions and his actions by controlling his brain.

Knowing how to help him is a VERY VERY challenging problem. Many addicts have multiple unsuccessful stays in rehab because each of us is unique and what works for one addict is completely ineffective for another. Often free programs work as well as paid programs but the addict has to be willing to go, which it sounds like it is not the case with your son.

Because you son is likely breaking the law, calling the police is often a good option. My concern in your case is I don't know which country you live in or if the police can be trusted. Therefore, I agree with your concern that you need much more information before you commit you son to the wrong place and make matters worse rather than helping the situation.

Consider having everyone in your family begin to attend Al-anon meetings at least three times a week. All of you need to begin working the 12 steps so you can better understand what your son is experiencing and learn the best ways to help him. Find a sponsor and ask the people in the group where to go to get support for your son.

Find someone else that has been where you're at with your son and get advice as to your best course of action. Try to find out if there is drug treatment support within the criminal justice system in your area and how to get your son into those programs.

Good luck, and don't give up on your son, he has a HORRIBLE disease that he can't control,


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- Matthew 7:7-8

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