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Help! My husband is using cocaine

by Megan


My husband used to be a heavy Oxyconton user. Then he got sober for about 2 years and has only made a few slip ups. But after I pried it out of him, he has enlightened me that he has been using cocaine once a month or so.
And he tells me that he isn't addicted and doesn't need help. He's just doing it for fun. But when I get mad or upset about it he always tries to turn it around and make me look like the bad guy....

So really, I'm just trying to figure out how to give him an ultimatum and get my point across... because apparently it's not a problem.

I want to say "you need to get clean and never do it again, or our marriage is over" but I know that's not correct. And also how long is a long enough time frame with out me getting walked over?

Please help me.....

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Please consider joining Al-anon
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Megan,

Making the correct choices with an addicted spouse is always so difficult and challenging. Striking the correct balance between acceptable and unacceptable behavior and drawing appropriate boundaries requires a lot of analysis and support from others who have been were you and your husband are at right now.

That's what Al-anon should offer you. Please consider joining Al-anon, working the 12 steps and finding a female sponsor who can help you through these difficult choices.

It sounds like your husband is making very poor choices and is potentially on the road to a major relapse. Once you begin attending meetings try to get him to attend meetings and begin working the 12 steps.

Addiction is a disease of the brain for which there is currently no cure. So your husband is certainly still addicted to drugs and needs to avoid ANY drug use, which is not supervised by a doctor.

Hopefully, he will go to meetings with you and realize what he needs to do, if not you may have to make other choices.

Good luck,


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