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by Mahbub

I live in Bangladesh and for the first time today I've decided to quit the crazy medicine yaba, after a short time sleep like 1 or 2 hours(I don't know)

I wake up and afraid of something sounds and hallucinations around me are happening and I'm starting browsing to get some mental strength from that. I'm now totally freaking out the symptoms those written to many sites that usually happens with all.

Is there any medicare system available that I can buy from pharmacy?

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Yaba/meth withdrawal can cause psychotic sysmtems.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Mahbub,

Yaba or what we call methamphetamine withdrawal can cause psychotic symptoms like those you're experiencing. It's VERY important that you not use yaba again because the psychosis can get much worse.

I'm not aware of any pill which you can take to get rid of psychotic symptoms. But, I recommend you go to your doctor and ask for medical support as your brain tries to re-adjust back to how it functioned prior to your yaba usage.

Yaba attacks the brain and changes our brain chemistry in ways that we don't understand. When we stop using yaba our brain tries to IMMEDIATELY re-adjust back to how it functioned before we used. It is trying to heal itself. During that process we can experience hallucinations as our brain rewires itself.

Yaba is a particularly dangerous drug because it can cause psychotic symptoms like hearing voices, or hallucinations. These symptoms usually clear within a few weeks if we don't use, but if we continue to use these symptoms can become permanent.

Please find a local addiction support group so that you can learn how to live without drugs in you life. I highly recommend a 12 step group like AA. The 12 steps help us to regain control of our lives so that we can live the happy joyous and free life we're all seeking.


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