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Why do i feel high if i haven't smoked recently?

by Brittney
(United States)

I smoke weed everyday and I'm usually high throughout the day but I've been trying to quit. I haven't smoked in three days yet I felt high for a few hours today.

Why do I feel high even though the marijuana should be completely out of my body by now?

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Withdrawal takes a while because the marijuana is still in your system.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Brittney,

Because it has been only three days, you can assume that the marijuana is still in your system.

According to Marijuana Anonymous: "Unlike most other drugs, including alcohol, THC (the active chemical in marijuana) is stored in the fat cells and therefore takes longer to fully clear the body than with any other common drug. This means that some parts of the body still retain THC even after a couple of months, rather than just the couple of days or weeks for water soluble drugs."

It is recommended that you increase you exercise and water intake to avoid dehydration allowing your body to get rid of the marijuana as quickly as possible.

Just like with alcohol, once your body becomes used to being high everyday it may naturally go into that state even if you do not smoke. If you're able to go a month without smoking then these effects should subside. But if you relapse even once, you will have to go through full withdrawal all over again.

Marijuana attacks the brain and changes it, so that once you're addicted to it, any amount of pot will change the brain back to the way it was when you where using every day.

Hope that helps and good luck with your sobriety, taking it one day at a time if often you best approach.


Quack job
by: Jason


There is no such thing as withdrawal from weed. Never has happened. Sure, if you run out and want to smoke, u maybe like "this sucks I want to get baked" but you won't be on the floor on the fetal position in pain. Not gonna happen. I take it up you have never smoked Mary Jane before? And yeah it takes 30 days or so to completely come out of the system but you not going to feel high for days on end. A few hours at best and then it ends. That's why it's a safe drug. No one has ever overdosed and died and if you smoke too much than u only need to wait a little bit till u come down.

by: Rob

Clearly, you've been a long time daily stoner. There are symptoms of withdrawal from smoking, you obviously aren't a true stoner. Like any substance or even food, once you stop using or consuming it, you're body will naturally crave it.

I've stopped smoking for about two weeks and I still have moments when I feel a little stoned. Also, if you ever actually were a constant stone you'd know that right when you stop you'll get headaches every once in awhile and it can also be hard to fall asleep.

This withdrawal isn't as serious as other substances but it's still there. Obviously I'm very pro weed and I also believe it's safe but you're just being ignorant.

by: Counsellor

The previous comments are uneducated. As an addict of much harsher drugs turned counsellor, allow me to clarify.

Marijuana is NOT physically addictive. It doesn't change the brain, it may alter perception, which is wholly psychological.

Marijuana IS psychologically addictive. This can be said about every substances, action, etc. known to man kind.

Marijuana can only affect adolescent brains, permanently. And even then it is only bringing forward underlying issues that were already there.

I'm pro-marijuana as well because I know the facts and myths.

Marijuana has the potential of being detected up to 3 months after ingestion via the high end urinalysis I'm required to administer to my clients daily. Stop living in the days of no internet and research before spewing garbage and misinformation.

Jason is a knob
by: Nick

Don't take random people's advice too seriously, often writers of these comments have the intellect of Donald Trump supporters.
Marijuana is equally addictive as any other mainstream drug commonly consumed by people these days. I can say personally in my history that getting off hard drugs such as cocaine or methamphetamine can be done with less effort than nicotine or marijuana.

For me it was easier to stop as one doesn't typically wake'n'bake on cocaine, then head to school or work. Marijuana is an all day everyday drug, widely accepted in society. I smoked everyday, in every spare moment since I was 11 yrs old, I am 28 now and off the weed for the first time. Two weeks sober and done for good.

I have ache, pains, blood pressure through the roof, can't sleep, can't eat, extremely irritable, quick to snap and numerous other symptoms of withdrawal. I still feel perma-fried. I can focus better and have been exercising everyday, but still feel stoned.

It is no surprise as my brain and body are hardwired for the weed. When i stopped freebasing cocaine I mourned the loss of that sweet sweet high but moved on fast physically. I had more trouble mentally keeping myself away from accessing it but physically i was ok.

Cigarettes i stopped cold turkey and am 6 weeks off the cigs. Much much harder than cocaine. Much much less so than weed. Marijuana is an awesome way to calm down and has too many medical uses to be treated the way it is but honestly that's what makes it so hard to stop. There are minimal negative effects.

I stopped because I couldn't concentrate in math class as i am trying to better myself and attain my degree in science. Even if i didn't smoke all day i still couldn't concentrate enough to understand differential equations or functions and vectors. Math needs a clear mind.

Two weeks later of not a puff and I'm rocking 100% on my tests and assignments, still feel baked though. I figure the real issue is strait up in the brain and the way it is wired. I have (high) hopes of staying clean but read this blog as i do many blogs for support and had to chime in.

Don't kid yourself about trying to down play the effects of long term marijuana use. I wish all the great people out there who are tying to quit all the best.

Stopping pot is hard!
by: Anonymous

To the last writer that is trying to achieve his degree in math thank you very much! I too started smoking at an early age, 13 to be exact. Like you I am 28 and have also been clean and sober for two weeks now.

The first week my body was physically hurting. I had aches in my neck and could not turn my head freely without feeling a slight discomfort. Although I am not a medical professional I am a realist and assume this is due to the fact that when I smoked I would hold the smoke in as long as possible in my respiratory system before exhaling. This was my method since the first day I got high so naturally I assumed there would be some negative repercussions on my body.

After the end of a long two week clean and sober streak the discomfort in my neck has gone away, however I am noticing it is hard to stay asleep the entire night. I usually will wake up around 1 am without an urge to smoke but finding it impossible to go back to sleep.

I too have stopped smoking for the same reason you have. I am pursuing my college degree and decided the only way to give it a fair and honest try was to do so with a clean mind. I smoked almost everyday for the first semester and got through it with good grades but as the material becomes more involved I found it harder to learn and retain information.

I have put in place what I think to be a decent daily exercise regimen. I have picked up an old beloved hobby of mind, skateboarding. I skateboard to and from work everyday. My job is also very physical I work at hospital basically as a mover of heavy medical equipment and supplies so I incorporate that into my exercise routine as well.

I have been trying to eat better. I no longer buy fast food as routinely as I used to for breakfast and lunch. Instead I will bring something from home for both meals and will cook something basic for dinner. I admit I need to lay off the sugar I get from sodas but quitting all my vices at once I felt would be too much for me to overcome so I am hoping that after a month of sobriety my diet will fall in line.

To anyone that may wonder, although I smoked weed almost daily in the form of papers or cigar leaves I never was a huge cigarette smoker. The only times I would buy packs of cigarettes was during my previous attempts of quitting weed. Although I would not get high, i was constantly chasing the nicotine buzz to help alter my mood even if for a minute or two. Although this never really helped and I would usually find myself reverting back to weed after about a week.

I'll close by saying its late and unfortunately I am writing this at 3 am but I am thankful for giving myself more distance from my old behaviors. I go on vacation at the end of August and I admit on one hand I am consumed by a fantasy about buying a bag and just really relaxing. However, on the other hand the hard truth i find dumb to ignore is that this would only set me back and completely derail any progress I made until that point.

To any one struggling I sympathize with you. Marijuana does effect our brain patterns and behaviors especially if you are like myself who would smoke whenever a free moment would present itself throughout any given day. Good luck I hope it gets easier!

Need to smoke now
by: Anonymous

Why do people bring Trump supporters in something that isn't even closely related. Should I talk about Hillary the should be felon? Should someone be over looked when others have time stripped from their lives and others not because of power and social popularity?

This post has nothing to do with the subject I apologize but i mean come on leave the political bs somewhere it belongs!

Are we here to help or bully one another?
by: Jon Dollaz

I agree with the above poster. Bullying and belittling someone because they have different political views is actually the sign of a low intellect.

For the record, Trump, who is personally anti-drug and does not even drink, is pro-legalization, as it should be a states rights issue. Meanwhile, Hillary is owned by the big pharmaceuticals and big banks that profit from the counter productive war on drugs.

by: Anonymous

I bonged hit every hour or so, well at least I used to. Don't tell me you know about withdrawal on weed. IT SUCKS. Please go smoke more than a 1/4 a day for 7 years and try quit cold turkey. I couldn't sleep, concentrate, talk to people normally without getting massive anxiety.

My whole brain chemistry was so out of whack. People who believe withdrawal from weed is non- existent are people who think they are heavy users but actually aren't and think smoking a a couple joints a day is ''HEAVY'' usage. HA, or just plain ignorant and stupid.

A lot of misinformation
by: Anonymous


12 year, heavy smoker, on a everyday basis here clean for a few days.

Withdrawal effects are 100% physchological and do NOT have any physical withdrawal symptoms.

Interpret this as you like, but if you're thinking you're going to have a physical symptom from withdrawal, chances are it's going to happen.

Been a health nut for the past three years, great physical condition. I also consider myself somewhat intelligent and read very often. The worst symptoms I've faced from being clean a few days is a reduction in my patience, I still am craving a toke somewhat, but by NO means any of the BS posted previously.

It is possible as in exercise everybody is different and some may react in a different manner than others when it comes to quitting.

Reading the few posts though I felt I had to contribute to the topic. Neck and body pains from stopping? Not likely.

Hard to sleep? Exercise and live a healthy lifestyle will fix that.

Headaches? Make sure you're drinking plenty of water and eating healthy and incorporate exercise into your life.

I'm sure there will be posts downplaying my comments, but I was a HEAVY smoker of high % of THC green, and I've not exhibited any major side effects from smoking or quitting.

Stopping smoking is not that hard! As with anything in life if you WANT something bad enough you'll make it happen.

A different view on your physical ailments
by: Anonymous

Would it not be safe to say that you could possibly just have a high blood pressure without smoking? Smoking marijuana does indeed lower your blood pressure, which is one of the ways that it can be used medically. Same idea can be used for insomnia and physical pains.

Seeing as this drug can be used to cure insomnia and minor physical pains, I do not see why you would not have a "physical withdrawal" when you decided to quit. You say you are heavy smokers and pride yourself in smoking since you were a young age, but you do not put into perspective that life has been continuing since you were 11 (or whatever age).

I bet every person in the world has gained some sort of chronic pain or a disorder since they were 11 if they are currently 25+. I bet a survey of 100 people of your same gender will have the same results or similar and they haven't smoked a day in their life.

Although you have the experience as a marijuana smoker, please refrain from drawing conclusions that can easily be discredited by using common sense. You are not the control of the experiment.

Britney, I belive it is dehydration.
by: Anonymous

I haven't smoked in years and i must say today i am experiencing that high sensation for the last few hours. I have been living with Ms for over twenty years and occasionally stress, dehydration and the lack of sleep triggers this for is really about understanding your body... smoking may or may not help relieve your stress and help you sleep... Whatever works for you.

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