Addiction Recovery Videos

Addiction Recovery Videos

Addiction Recovery Videos

Addiction Recovery Videos

In meeting and working with people in addiction recovery I have found that one of the most important aspects of their recovery is having the opportunity to share their story, their life experience. Most addiction stories don’t often have a happy ending but what ever the ending sharing them is helpful.

You may find that sharing your drug addiction story anonymously is the first step toward dealing with addiction.

Here are a couple of recovery videos that describe the process. We’re hoping that you will share your stories with us as well so that others can learn from your experiences.

Many people tell us that it helps them to read others drug addition stories because they understand what they’ve gone through a little better. Many times therapy sessions are simply a place where people come and share their stories.

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This site contains five MAIN pages that EVERYONE should read:






Read these five pages and learn what you need to know to spot Addiction to Drugs in:

Yourself… Your Family… Your Friends… Your Community…

The rest of the pages are there for your reference to explain important topics in more detail.

Finally don’t miss the Spiritual and 12-step sections to fully explore how understanding THE SPIRIT can lead to recovery!

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