Depression Treatment


Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment

One thing can lead to another. In the case of Depression, the presence of depression/sadness could have come before the addiction, or come as a result of the addiction. Whatever the case, Depression Treatment: Depression and alcoholism/addiction are often found together. That’s why good rehab centers must be able to treat both problems.

Drug Addiction Symptoms

Depression and alcoholism/addiction are often found together

When you look at the signs of drug use, you’ll find that people often lose interest in activities that they used to love, or they lose interest in family and friends. These are also signs of depression, and you can see that the two can be closely linked.

We include Depression mainly because recovery is a long distance run, not the 100 yard dash. Why do people use?

Seek professional help for Depression

I’m not going to pretend to be a qualified therapist, if anything I want to encourage you to seek professional help should any of the possible symptoms be true in your life. Here is a checklist of possible symptoms that may point to depression/sadness and Depression Treatment:

1. Have you lost enjoyment in any activities that you have enjoyed previously, such as hobbies, people, sex, work?

2. Has your sleep changed? Do you have trouble sleeping, or are you sleeping too much?

3. Do you feel empty or useless? Are you sad or unhappy?

4. Have your eating habits changed? Have you lost or gained weight without apparent reason?

5. Are you irritable, angry or restless?

6. Do you have difficulty focusing on tasks, or completing tasks?

7. Is it getting difficult for you to make decisions?

8. Are you out of energy, tired all the time?

9. Do things in your life seem hopeless? Do you often feel guilty?

10. Have you thought of harming yourself or perhaps committing suicide?

If you can relate to five or more of these possible symptoms, or if you know somebody to fits these symptoms, please seek the help of a professional. There are many people who can be of assistance. Naturally most people think of discussing this with their family doctor, but there are counselors, psychologists, psychotherapists, chaplains and pastors, and other health-care professionals.

Several factors contribute to Depression and are need for Depression Treatment

Depression/sadness can be caused by several factors. In our discussion about various drugs, we talked about neurotransmitters and one of the possible causes for depression is the malfunctioning of these brain chemicals. Drugs can cause an alteration in brain chemistry, leading to depression.

It could be a combination of factors including: cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It might be a hormonal imbalance of some kind. Just the way you think can send you down the path of depression.

For example, if you have a negative self-image or are by nature pessimistic, or have feelings of helplessness, all of that can contribute to depression. There is also the possibility of a inherited predisposition to depression. If your mother was depressed, or if others in your family were depressed, that increases your chances of experiencing depression.

Finally, if you experience a series of negative events in their life, that can also be a factor. If a person loses a loved one, or experiences a trauma, or loses his/her job, that can be a contributing cause of depression.

We’re all body, mind and spirit

Remember, we are body, mind and spirit. In Depression, the body might crave the drugs, the mind becomes altered because of the drugs and the spirit is crushed by the drug abuse or addiction. Depression might have precipitated the drug use, it might have come about because of the drug use.

Whatever the case, depression is a serious condition, but there is help out there. Please seek it!That completes the information on Depression Treatment click here to return to our home page

Depression Treatment Depression Treatment


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