Drug Abuse Treatment Center

Drug Abuse Treatment Center

Drug Abuse Treatment Center

How to find the right drug abuse treatment center.

Finding a drug abuse treatment center is as easy as taking a couple of minutes to Google it in your computer. Hundreds of selections will come up, some national centers, some in your local area. The hard part is finding that one center that is going to meet your needs and expectations. In doing your search, think in terms of levels of care.

Do you or the one you are doing to search for require a lot of care, or perhaps just a little. Your drug of choice might determine the answer to that question, but you need to consider what you need. Centers are in all shapes and sizes, and range in cost also.

The right drug abuse treatment center must match the needs of the addict.

Treatment should be tailored to your need, and so gender-specific treatment is a primary consideration. Culture, sexual orientation and identification are other considerations, just the fact that a person is addicted and needs to get their life back in order. Centers are treating the whole person and that is not limited to the addiction issue itself.

Then of course there is the issue of going into an in-patient treatment center of electing to work with an out-patient facility. Let’s start with the residential treatment center, or RTC. Patients literally move in.

Good treatment is VERY intense!

There are different schools of thought here. On the one hand, residential treatment can be pretty intense and those who have a serious struggle might need that close, hands-on, everyday approach. They attend class, have group sessions, individual therapy, as well as a variety of physical and cultural activities.

These centers can get pretty expensive and seeing bills of up to $100,000 is not uncommon, although there are many far below that lavish figure. The luxury digs make for a good television reality show, but these spa-like settings may be more flash than substance. There is good treatment available for modest or small budgets.

Stay in as long as you can.

Residential treatment can last anywhere from 30 to 120 days for the most part, depending on the needs of the patient. Cognitive and behavior therapies are offered, 12 Step, even psychiatric care. RTC patients can benefit from the daily contact with counselors and therapist.

Out-patient is probably the most popular option for many people, mainly because it is less expensive and people don’t have to take time off of work or risk losing their job. Out-patients can check in with their treatment program on a daily basis, but understand that the same general rules of the road will apply.

Suboxone can be helpful for opiate addicts

The centers will devise a treatment program specific to the needs of the individual. Often times, for opiate addicts, a Suboxone treatment program, which can last over a couple of years.

In-patient, out-patient and there are so many choices. What do I do? Remember this one important directive—ask questions, lots of questions. Does the treatment center take care of body, mind and spirit?

This is important, because regardless of any religious belief, or lack of belief, we are spiritual beings. Spiritual care is vital. For those with religious beliefs, there are many faith-based treatment centers around the country. People have to find a place where they are comfortable.

Ask a lot of questions and go with your gut!

One size does not fit all, which is another reason why your questions are so important. Make sure the drug abuse treatment center is going to be sensitive to individual needs. After all, it’s difficult to help somebody if you don’t speak their language, so the staff and patients need to make a connection.

Addicts don’t want to go but they must.

Another thing to consider when selecting a treatment center is the fact that most addicts don’t want treatment at all. The disease has taken over their lives and addiction doesn’t want treatment. It wants to control its host until they die. It doesn’t matter what setting, they don’t want to go.

Therefore, treatment centers will also offer assistance in this area, so do not be shy, ask. Regardless of the choice for a setting, treatment is really the only option for drug addiction and alcoholism. Left unchecked, addicts can rarely get a hold of their life, control their behavior or otherwise escape the grips of addiction without help from others.

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Drug Abuse Treatment Center

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