Gambling Addiction


Gambling Addiction


Guest Blog by: Marilyn L.

As you are reading this article, someone you know may be embezzling money to support a gambling addiction. The addiction is not prejudiced. It affects rich and poor, young and old, and knows no racial barriers.

High school students are gambling illegally on computers, college students are gambling their tuition money, and senior citizens are using their retirement funds.


Gambling has become the nations’ leading form of recreation and the money wagered is more than the combined total spent on all other forms of entertainment. Most people can gamble and not use money or time that interferes with their family life or their employment.

Unfortunately, a percentage of people who gamble develop an addiction that is progressive and destructive, and creates problems such as divorce, loss of employment and homes, bankruptcy, suicides, and some are serving prison sentences.

I destroyed my life with gambling and joined a support group where I found hope and strength. I needed someone to show me how to stop, not tell me, “Just stop!” I have not gambled for more than eighteen years and have turned my life around.

Years ago there were very few women in the support groups and when one did attend, she didn’t return so a couple of females came to my apartment one night and we started a women’s group.

A short time later, we published a Women Helping Women Newsletter

which has been on-line for more than ten years. Women from around the world read the letter and this allows them to share experiences through the computer.

While serving a prison sentence for a crime I committed, I began writing a journal, which became a book, Gripped by Gambling

The book has been read by gamblers and their families throughout the United States, Canada, and some European countries. My story details the steps that enabled me to stop gambling.

Today I lead a normal life and I am re-visiting hobbies from past years and renewing old acquaintances. I’ve changed my thinking processes and am learning to set healthy boundaries and prioritize. I no longer lie and I have no need to escape from life. I look in the mirror and love the woman looking back at me.

By attending meetings, listening, and reading, I discovered I am a good person. I’ve shared stories with other members on coping skills and relationships with a Higher Power.

My new friends held my hand when I cried and told me they’d love me until I learned to love myself. I understood that I couldn’t change others but I could change my reaction to what happened around me.

Today I cope with the issues and challenges in my life with the tools that I’ve been given. I set realistic goals, live a day at a time, and accept life on life’s terms. I know how to say

thank you, I’m sorry, and I was wrong.

When I’m busy and asked to do something for a friend, I no longer rush to solve their problems. I use the simple words, ‘no, not now’ and I no longer feel guilty. When someone does me a favor, I can say thank you and mean it.

The number of problem gamblers increases daily and this hidden addiction tears at the fabric of society. Addictions are the most untreated treatable mental illnesses and there is help. Gambling laws will not solve the gambling problem. Compulsive gamblers have to be treated one at a time, One Day at a Time.

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