Residential Drug Treatment

Residential Drug Treatment

Drug treatment can be a daunting task for addicts who want to turn their lives around and get clean, but the setting does not have to be clinical and sterile. Drug treatment centers focus on a family atmosphere, a secure and loving environment, and the return to normalcy to help addicts work their way through the program.

Residential Drug Treatment

Some are posh and offer luxurious amenities, while others may be more austere. Regardless of the price tag, residential drug treatment needs to offer competent medical assistance, to help residents through the withdrawal period and expert counseling to assist patients in establishing a new direction.

Detox Can Be Hard

The drug detoxification process can be so very difficult. The detox centers have experienced personnel, who have the skills to deal with the mental, physical and emotional withdrawal. That initial treatment period, when the body is ridding itself of the toxins, can be very uncomfortable and in some cases, even life-threatening.

Any residential facility needs to be closely aligned with a detox center. Many will be on site, some may have a facility near by, but it’s important for the patient to have round the clock care during this period.

Residential treatment is designed for the personal needs of the individual, and so many centers offer a balanced approach to those needs. We are body, mind and spirit, and each of those three areas of our life requires attention.

One can expect individual, one-on-one counseling from a skilled professional, as well as participation in a group setting to share the experiences of others and receive support. The group experience can be particularly powerful, because a person is sharing their own journey with people who have a similar life experience. We are not alone in recovery and the building of relationships is important in the healing process.

Relapse Is Possible

Another thing to look at, beyond the residential drug treatment program itself, is any after care opportunities. Even if a person successfully completes a residential drug treatment program, there is still a chance of relapse. We are only human and we do make mistakes, so follow-up care is essential to achieving continued health and balance.

Users who come into treatment facilities have built up a tolerance to their drugs of choice. During their stay, the drugs have been eliminated from their system and therefore the tolerance to those drugs is greatly diminished. If there is a relapse and the person goes back to their dosage before treatment, the results could be, and often are fatal.

Often people will go to residential facilities far away from home. Why would they do this?

The short answer is because when a person is isolated, away from familiar temptations, it reduces the opportunity for just walking away and going back to the environment that contributed to his/her disease to begin with. There are ample out-patient clinics available in hometowns across the country, but for the residential treatment, an entirely new environment is necessary to achieve meaningful results.

Consider Faith Based Program

Another consideration is whether or not to enter into a faith-based facility. The Alcoholics Anonymous movement developed the 12-Step program which is spiritual, but not necessarily religious.

However, the 12-Step and other treatment and recovery programs have been developed for just about any faith group. The important determining factor in selecting a facility is your own worldview. There are options, so take your time and make a good selection that meets your personal needs.

Body, Mind and Spirit

Body, mind and spirit are the three key components of your treatment and recovery. Consider all three, weigh the options and make your selection. But most of all get help because the residential drug treatment opportunities are ample and viable. Many treatment facilities advertise on this web site, but we do not make recommendations.

We do, however, encourage you to click on the ad and contact the facilities to see how they can best meet your needs.

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Residential Drug Treatment Residential Drug Treatment Residential Drug Treatment


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