Teenage Addiction Help

Teenage Addiction Help

Teenage Addiction Help

The hardest part about Teenage Addiction help is getting it, even though there is a lot of help available.

It’s hard because the drug addict does not want help. They want to LEFT ALONE.

They know they don’t have a problem and they want everyone to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS!

Their families see it but it doesn’t matter.

Their friends see it.

Their co-workers see it.

They don’t see it and everybody else is wrong!

Actually, it is important that the addict see the problem. Without the buy-in of the addict, without him/her realizing they have a serious problem, no treatment is going to take place. They WILL REFUSE to get Teenage Addiction help to matter what!

There is a television reality show called “Intervention” which documents the denial of addicts as they are approached by family and friends to seek help. In one episode, the Methamphetamine addict, who is destroying her health, her family’s property and all of her relationships, is steadfastly in denial that there is any problem of any kind and refuses Teenage Addiction help.

Totally Lost

She curses her family for bringing it up. On video, we see how selfish she has become because of the drug. She cares for no one but herself and her Teenage Addiction comes before anything else. She refuses treatment. She refuses Teenage Addiction help. Most everything she mutters is profane. She is completely lost.

The wake left behind a drug addict is the crushed hearts of those who see the problem, want to help, but on their own, for the best of reasons, likely contribute to the problem rather than solve it. In these shows, an interventionist is called in by the family, not just to confront the addict and coax them into rehabilitation, but to coach the family and teach them communication skills.

More importantly, the interventionist teaches the family boundaries, and how to stick to those boundaries.

Teenage Addiction help is not based on enabling the addict; once rules are established they MUST be adhered to. If the rules are broken the addict MUST feel the consequences otherwise the family is going to enable the addict to continue using. No help is possible!

Teenage Addiction is a community problem

Teenage Addiction is not just a family problem. It’s a community problem and therefore, help from the community is a necessary ingredient for any addict achieving recovery. Families are too close to the addict.

They love that person, they care, they cry for them. Their loving regard for the addict blocks their objective thinking and prevents them from being the answers to the problem. They become enablers and feeding the problem. help from a professional is needed to treat all parties involved in the Teenage Addiction.

Once the family and friends are onboard with the need for professional help, and new communication patterns and boundaries are established by the professional, “their” problem will become the addict’s problem.

Once the addict realizes that they have the problem, the first step towards recovery is taken.

If you know someone that needs Teenage Addiction help or if you’re struggling with an Teenage Addiction, and need help call 1-800-662-HELP.

Also for more Teenage Addiction help go to Intervention

Questions about teenage addiction help:

I am a heroin addict can I get pregnant??


I am 23 years old and I have been using drugs for 9 years I was recently clean for 4 months no Suboxone, no methadone and I still didn't get my period I have been to the doctors and they just told me to get on the pill so maybe I can start getting regular periods.... Anyways the question I'm trying to ask is can I get pregnant without having my period for over a year?

Ask your doctor
by: Ned Wicker

This is a question for a doctor and not one for searching on the internet, or getting an opinion from somebody on the street.

Obviously with the drug use your body has been through quite a lot, so I would highly recommend a visit to a physician for a medical examination and be honest about your drug use.

If you want to get pregnant and start a family, it is wise to make sure that you are healthy and capable of having children. Perhaps others may respond and share their own, personal experience, but I would still seek the opinion of a medical professional and have that check-up.

They may want to put you on the pill for a while to allow your body to fully recover from the drug abuse.

When to let go?

by Sadie

My 16 year old boyfriend is an cocaine addict, and keeps lying about it. I am struggling with having to let go. I also worry about someone else being with him?

A Thought!
by: Jayson C.

When I was deep into my addiction my wife, kids, family, didn't matter. My disease was in control of my life. It wasn't til my wife left me that I hit rock bottom, and decided to change my life.

You see she left but she didn't let go. She was still there for me. Take a leap of faith if it's meant to be it will be. If my wife didn't leave me why stop? If it's ok and I got away with it, why change. It meant the world to me that she never let go. I wish you the best.

If we do what we have always done we will get what we have always gotten!

I know what I have to do.

Thanks. Jayson C

I really appreciate your honestly, I do know in my heart that I am going to have to let him go. Is too stressful for me to carry. I cannot keep doing this to myself, especially when he is still lying about it.

I see all the signs. I also, know I will still try and be there for him as well. I just hope and pray he realize how serious cocaine is, and turn his life around.

I know i have to let go.
by: Sadie

This is Sadie again, I'd rather him just leave me.

Boyfriend on cocaine left me again
by: Sadie

My boyfriend left the house at 1:00 o'clock Sunday Jan 1, 2012. Stayed out all night long. I heard from him about 8:30 this morning, I was at work.

He texted and said come and lock my door the key is on the table. I left work and he and his stuff was gone. I know this needed to happen, but I feel so hurt he did it this way. Why text and not call.

How do I get through this? The relationship was unhealthy, but was I really ready... no. Did I deserve a phone call instead of a text, I think so. I have always treated his very good despite, how bad he treated me.

I am heart broken, I am not letting go because I don't love him, it's because I need to. Please help. Did cocaine really do this?

by: Jayson C

Hey you, I believe that it is the drug. When I was deep in my addiction I wasn't me. My drug was in control of my life. It told me what to do and where to go. This is a disease that we have and there is a cure.

But you can't put the blame on you. He is a sick person with a disease that won't be cured until he is ready.

Let go and Let God!!

They're not mine
by: Anonymous

I don't know what to do. I'm away a lot for work. As far as I knew he was just snorting pills and sucking the patch. Then after much borrowing $ early in the morning I said get out.

Now he's staying with a friend who shoots and I'm afraid he is going to do that too or has. It's been three years of together/apart. But now he's out and I am SO worried with no one keeping tabs on his drug use.

He stayed at my house while I was away and is back and forth at my house and his buddy's. I found needles in my bathroom the other morning and was horrified. He said he found his buddy's stash in the vent of my bathroom.

I knew he'd had his friend over when I was away- he SWEARS it's not his- that he doesn't do it. He dropped trou right there and showed me veins, arms, feet, legs and hands. But I don't know what looking for!?

He was so upset that I thought it was his that he almost got sick. Then he threw his last morphine pill down the toilet and offered to quit drugs for me which I simply didn't believe and thought was stupid.

He swears he's not doing needles but I think he is. He's gone from percs to patches... And now?? I love him dearly and really REALLY want to believe him- but. BUT.

If they belonged to his buddy who was over once WHY would he stash seething in my bathroom? I also went to the bathroom late one night and smelled something like sulphur? Yet there were no matches present.

I also found a little cap that is the lid for a nail treatment kit with a drop or two of water in it the same place I found the needles. It's HEARTBREAKING- the idea of him doing something so severe. I swear I'm still in shock.

I kicked him out- and who comes to get him but the drug buddy. I took him back the next night- for a night but grilled him tirelessly on whether or not they were his etc. Etc.

I'm away on another trip and he's back at his buddies. I know I should let him go. BUT. I do love him so so much. What to do??

Finally realizing
by: Sadie

Thank you so much Jayson. I appreciate your comment he is gone, and I plan on letting him stay gone. It is too much for me to handle. I did let him come back after he left Jan 2.

Today is Jan 24, he left again Jan 20. I have not heard from him since. This time I am going to be strong and let him go. I must say I love him very much, and miss him a lot, but to be honest I was miserable, and in so much pain.

I took him back over and over again. I do know that he has no control over this drug. I guess when he realize that, maybe he will get some help. I pray that he does. Thank you again so much, you have really helped me. Thanks for being honest. I need that.

and Finally Remember:

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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