drug addiction signs symptoms

Drug Addiction Signs Symptoms

Drug Addiction Signs Symptoms: People who are addicted don't necessarily see the entire picture. If you are concerned about a family member, friend or coworker, look for these drug addiction signs symptoms and decide if you need to take action to help.

Addicts will often continue to use regardless of everything that is happening to them and happening around them. They may drain all of their bank accounts, lose jobs, flunk out of school, destroy all their relationships, ruin their health, or run into problems with the law.

If you are questioning your own drug or alcohol use, ask yourself some questions. Have you developed a higher tolerance for the drug. Does it take more and more of your drug of choice to get the desired effect? Do you crave the drug or alcohol if you don't use.

20 Drug Addiction Signs and Symptoms

1. Has their appearance changed recently and have they stopped caring about how they look?

2. Are they eating normally? Are they eating too much or too little at odd times?

3. Have they lost or gained weight with no underlying medical issues?

4. Do they have needle marks on their arms or legs that you've seen?

5. Are they moving more slowly, like they are in slow motion?

6. Are their hands shaking?

7. Are their hands cold and sweaty?

8. Have you smelled something on their breath, or their clothing?

9. Do their eyes appear red? Do they look like they are high or drunk?

10. Are their pupils dilated?

11. Is their face puffy?

12. Has their coloring changed, become flushed or pale?

13. Do they have a blank stare? Do they look vacant like they aren't there?

14. Has their physical coordination changed? Are they staggering? Is their speech slurred?

15. Have they missed a lot of school, or work?

16. Have their sleep habits changed? Are they always tired? Are they up all night and not sleeping?

17. Have they become lazy, playing video games or watching TV all of the time?

18. Are they hyper-active, unable to settle down?

19. Do they talk a million miles an hour? Do they slur their words?

20. Have you seen drug paraphernalia around their home: needles, pipes, aluminum foil or small plastic bags?

If more than five of these drug addiction symptoms are present then the person involved is likely to be abusing drugs and potentially addicted. Please read other parts of this site and consider entering treatment and getting a formal assessment.

To decide what to do next if these drug addiction signs symptoms are present visit our drug addiction treatment page.

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