Drug Addiction Treatment Options

5 Best Drug Addiction Treatment Options

Here is a list of five drug addiction treatment options that will help you when you are looking for treatment. This list helps you to decide which treatments have been used successfully and how to choose the treatments that are right for you.

Addiction is considered a chronic disease of the brain because when you take drugs or use alcohol, they attack your brain. The key treatment choices available need to help the brain repair the damage that has been done by your addiction.

Here is a list of five drug addiction treatment options which should be included in your treatment plan to give you the best chance of long-term recovery from your addiction:

Go To Individual Therapy

One of the first mental health drug addiction treatment options for addiction therapy is individual counseling. Meeting one-on-one with an addiction therapist will allow you to begin the process of better understanding your addiction. Individual therapy will help you to begin answering these questions: Why do you use? What precipitated your addiction? When did you start using? What triggers you to use?

If you are able, through counseling, to work through these questions gaining a better understanding of yourself, you will be ready to move toward addiction recovery.

Participate in Group Therapy

Unlike individual therapy, group therapy allows you to interact with your peers, in a controlled and beneficial way. People often resist being in therapeutic groups, but if they are willing to try it and fully participate, it can speed up recovery and also give a boost to positive results from individual counseling. The combination of individual and group counseling will often jump start addiction recovery.

Regularly Attend 12-step meetings

Another imperative part of addiction recovery treatment is joining and actively participating in a group which is working the 12-steps. The 12-step groups are a long-term therapy which you must begin in the very early stages of your addiction treatment. Successfully working the 12-steps and then helping others through the program, is the best way known to get the on-going support you will need. Your addiction treatment will end after 60 or 90 days, but many recovering addicts spend years in a supportive 12-step group.

Have a Physical Examination

Addiction often masks underlying medical issues. Having a physical exam and allowing the doctor to recommend medically supervised withdrawal support is the safest way to start the move away from your addiction. Additionally, the doctor will help to treat any other medical issues that sure during the course of the exams and tests which are ordered. Doctors are experts at the disease of addiction and their help is essential to avoid the medically negative consequences of withdrawal and addiction.

Complete Mental Health Assessment

Drug and alcohol addiction often occur at the same time as other mental health problems. The two most common mental health conditions that occur along with addiction are Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder. Anxiety and depression left untreated can completely derail all other forms of addiction treatment. Working with a psychiatrist helps to access and treat these underlying mental health disorders. If these conditions are left untreated, your addiction recovery will likely be unsuccessful.

Most treatment centers have a psychiatrist on staff who will be well-versed in addiction and it's other underlying mental health issues. Allowing the psychiatrist to diagnosis and treat your other mental health issues will allow you to deal with your entire illness.

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and Finally Remember:

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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