Getting to the Root Cause of Addiction

by Beth Davis

The road to recovery is long, winding, and littered with obstacles to overcome if you wish to press forward. This arduous journey will eventually lead to long-term sobriety for those who refuse to give up.

But if you want to reach the end of the road to recovery, it's important to understand where the road to addiction began. Getting to the root cause of an addiction is a key part of the recovery process. Without a clear understanding of what motivated them to start turning to substances in the first place, recovering addicts are less likely to resist the urge to relapse.

Understanding the root causes of addiction plays a significant role in most rehab centers. Therapists will spend hours talking to patients as they attempt to uncover the instigating factor for why they turned to drugs. Using certified transcription services for medical professionals, rehab specialists will read through the therapy session transcripts to pick up on any potential clues which may have been missed in the initial one-on-one. It's not unusual for the root cause of an addiction to present itself through these types of recurring therapy sessions.

While there are many factors which contribute to a person developing a drug or alcohol addiction, most specialists will agree that the following are likely to play a role in the majority of cases:

-Addictive Personality

Some people demonstrate certain traits which suggest they have an addictive personality. This essentially means they are more likely than others to develop addictions.

-Mental Health Problems

Many people who struggle with undiagnosed mental health problems will turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. When someone develops an addiction in conjunction with a mental disorder, it's referred to as a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder.

-Traumatic Experience

A serious automobile accident, violent mugging, or sexual assault are examples of traumatic experiences affecting ordinary people. The victims in these cases often turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with the pain from injuries but also the psychological toll that traumatic events have on their mental state.

-Peer Pressure

Being talked into trying an addictive substance by your friends is a situation most people think of happening to teenagers in high school. The truth is that peer pressure can happen at nearly any point in a person's life.

-Genetic Predisposition

People with at least one parent who struggled with addiction are more likely to suffer from addiction themselves at some point than those whose parents did not abuse substances. While science has yet to uncover a particular gene responsible for being at risk of addiction, the frequency in which substance abuse seems to be passed down from one generation to the next all but guarantees some sort of genetic link.

-Low Self-Esteem

People who struggle with self-esteem issues will sometimes turn to drugs and alcohol for the boost in confidence they feel from consuming them. This turns into a cycle in which a person will come to rely on a substance for feeling good about themselves and managing to interact with family and coworkers on a daily basis.

Completing the road to recovery is never easy, but the journey is made much harder when there's no accounting for where the problem started. In order to maximize the odds of beating an addiction, it's imperative to understand its root cause.

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