Husband taking heroin and meth?

by Farzana

My husband is addicted by heroin and some time he also take yaba(meth). For nearly one year he didn't take any drugs but after that he started it again. Now it is much worse and he's in an extremely awful position. I can't get him into a rehab because he will lose his job and carrier also. Please help me out. My life has become unbearable???!

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Must get treatment!
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Farzana,

You're in a very difficult situation, which doesn't have any easy answers or quick fixes. Both heroin and methamphetamine(yaba) are very addictive and dangerous drugs. Combined they are even more dangerous.

Your husband must stop using now, but he needs medical supervision to stop. Withdrawal can be medically dangerous and even fatal, so it's imperative that your husband go to a doctor today and get support to stop using.

Heroin and meth addiction are almost always fatal if they're left untreated. So please have your husband go to a doctor who specializes in addiction recovery and allow the doctor to help him to safely withdraw from the drugs and also get into treatment to end his addiction.

The fact that your husband was able to quit for a year is a good sign that he's capable of quitting if he receives the correct medical support.

Good luck,


How to Rehab?
by: Anonymous

I can't take him to rehab, he doesn't listen to me. He knows the treatment but he won`t do it. Everyone trying to make him understand that he should leave this. He says that i won't take it, but then the next day he does take it, what he says he will do never happens.

We each have to make our own choices.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Farzana,

Addiction is a difficult disease because it attacks our brain and changes how we think and act. His brain is telling him that using meth and heroin is not a problem and he doesn't need to quit. But the reality is it's a HUGE problem and he must stop immediately.

Try to avoid enabling his addiction in any way. Call the police if necessary, hoping that some time in jail will allow his brain to get rid of his addiction and let him realize that he must stop using.

How and when someone ends their addiction is an individual choice that can be helped by us loving him but HATING his addiction.

Please go to local Al-anon meetings, work the 12 steps and get the help of a sponsor. Together with your sponsor try to learn how to help your husband to end his addiction, while also protecting yourself and your family from his very self-destructive behavior.


Join an online Al-anon meeting and find a sponsor
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Farzana,

Living in Dhaka, Bangladesh makes your problem with your husband's addiction more difficult. I get MANY questions from Bangladesh about yaba, it must be a HUGE problem there.

I recommend that you join an online Al-anon meeting, begin working the 12-steps and find a sponsor to help you to decide best actions to take. Here is one example of an online meeting:

Visit a few meetings until you find one you feel comfortable with.

As I said before, there are no quick fixes or easy solutions. You must begin to work the 12-steps and create a plan which can help your husband to understand that the drugs he is taking will likely kill him and that he must get medical help to stop.


Only HE can make that decision...
by: Jerry (Tulsa,Ok.)

He is the only one that can make that step to quit. You have to really think about what is more important...your husband's life or his job!!! I am also a heroin and meth addict... I made the decision to get clean, it put my family in a bind for a bit but it was well worth it... if he doesn't get help soon who knows how long it will take for his addiction to win...

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- Matthew 7:7-8

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