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My son is a heroin addict?!?

by Danna

My son is a heroin addict.. when he’s sober, he wants to go to Teen challenge. Of course, it’s a process... is there anywhere I can take him during withdrawal?! And a place that he could go until the processing is done?

He came home and was so excited to get off it. Now, he walked out today looking for a fix I guess?

If I could just take him somewhere where he could be safe...

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by: Debbie

That is such wonderful news, so glad that he's safe and in for the LONG haul:)

Prayers answered!
by: Anonymous

Long story.. but Zach made a decision to get help immediately. We had called TC detox center and they said bring him now. That was 11:30pm last night. Two hour drive. My husband and his 2 brothers took him. They got home at 3:30am. Zach is in treatment. Beginning with the detox. He told them he was IN for the long haul... 12 month program.

So, we are just thanking The Lord.

I received your notes this morning!
Thanks for your concern.

Been there. Done that.
by: Thomas

Heroin being an uncontrollable disease is a matter of opinion. It's very controllable if you stop. Medical Assistant Treatment is great for harm reduction, but is it not a tool to use if you want a 100% guarantee that you would never use again.

There are 2 100% absolute guarantees, that any body would never use,"Abstinence and Death". So if you're not sure that you are ready to totally stop using chemicals, then go the MAT rout. It's great for harm reduction, until you make up your mind, to completely stop using chemicals.

You do need to find a safe place for him.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Danna,

Heroin addiction is an often uncontrollable disease of the brain, which likely turns your son into someone neither one of you know or recognize. Getting your son into Teen Challenge is fantastic and should give him the support he needs to move past his addiction.

I also agree that you need to find a safe place for him to be while he waits to get into Teen Challenge. Can you take him to a doctor for withdrawal support? A doctor can prescribe Suboxone to help manage his withdrawal symptoms and can also supervise any other withdrawal issues he has?

Do you have any out of town family he could stay with? Is there a local addiction treatment center that will take him for inpatient services and withdrawal support for at least 30 days or until he is admitted to Teen Challenge? Have you spoken to Teen Challenge and asked them for ideas on what can be done to help your son? They may have some alternatives for you that you're unaware of.

Good luck,


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