Odd way of using meth

by Leah
(Madera, CA)

My story may be slightly different from most. I’ve been addicted to meth for 20 years. My husband and I did meth the first time 20 years ago one weekend that we were away from home. We were both scared to death to try it. We talked it through and decided we would be together and experience it as a couple.

Needless to say we had a wonderful night. We woke the next morning talking all about it. At first it was an occasional thing. Then it turned into every weekend. Before you know it we needed it to get through our daily routine.

Months turned into years. Then, my husband started a job that required him to drug test so he stopped using. It was hard for him at first. He would sleep a lot, but he pushed through it. I never stopped...

I’m a completely functional user. I work 8-10 hours a day. I come home and take care of my family and house. I don’t use to get high. I use for motivation. I don’t even feel the high anymore. I keep the same hours as everyone else in the household. Going to bed with the family then waking up and starting my day along with everyone.

I’ve been without for a few days at a time. If I’m ever ill I don’t use during that time. Whenever I’ve tried to stop in the past I don’t really have withdrawals other than depression and body aches. I have zero motivation.

The title of my story is odd way to use meth. I don’t smoke it, snort it, or shoot it. I drink it. I pretty much just put a few pieces on the back of my tongue and take a drink of water and swallow like you would take a pill. I only do this twice a day. Not very much each time. It’s almost like my coffee.

I’m not making excuses. Addiction is addiction. I just often wonder if what I do is much worse than someone drinking five or more cups of caffeinated coffee a day. I know society believes it’s much worse.

I am 48 years old now. I don’t want to do this any longer. My children are grown now. It’s me and my wonderful husband. We both still work every day. I fear I won’t be able to keep up with my life. I don’t want to do a rehab. Not sure I would need it.

If someone would just assure me that I would get better, and that it can be done I think that might help me mentally. If anyone has any words of wisdom they would be greatly appreciated.

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same boat has sailed
by: punkin pie from Modesto

Hello Leah and Debbie,

Okay, I am back from my intense detox/cleanse. I was pretty much an emotional wreck, but otherwise it went well.

I like your suggestion, Debbie, of the anti-depressants, but there wasn't enough time, so had to go cold turkey. As I said, very emotional (aka crying at the drop of a hat), but I am free from addiction now.

Leah, I totally recommend it. It's a little costly, but it's a one-time fee and nowhere near what you spend on meth.

Good Luck,

punkin pie

Be VERY careful!
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Punkin Pie,

I highly recommend that you withdraw from meth in a medically supervised situation. Listed below is a description of the issues you could face during withdrawal.

"Meth withdrawal and detox are uncomfortable experiences, and they are often a major reason people are unsuccessful in quitting meth on their own. In addition to being unpleasant, these experiences can prove dangerous to a person’s health. This is why so many people opt to go through detox at a trusted rehab facility. It is important for meth users to go through the process of withdrawal under the supervision of a doctor. Once the body has been detoxified, the rehabilitation process can begin.

"Meth withdrawal symptoms can be both physical, mental and behavioral, and they can be very intense, lasting for days or even weeks. The primary factor that determines the length of the symptoms is the amount of time the person has been addicted."

PLEASE, PLEASE ask a doctor about having colonics and enemas during withdrawal, they make exacerbate you're withdrawal symptoms and make your withdrawal process even more medically dangerous.

Good luck,


Same boat!
by: punkin pie from Modesto

Hi Leah,

I'm addicted also, but I have 8 more yrs of age and of using than you. I own my own business, work 10 hrs/day, blah, blah, blah.
so what I've decided to do is take a vacation at a spa. But not one of those pampering kinds.

This one is to clear all toxins out of your body. I will be drinking some healthy green juice all week, taking healthy supplements, and getting daily colonics aka enemas. I pray this works and will be glad to comment again afterwards to let you know. It is still a month away, but I'm counting the days.
take care, punkin pie

Same Boat
by: Punkin Pie


I am in the same boat as you, except I've got about 8 more years, age wise and using. So I want to stop. There is no high, just motivation, and that's not so great anymore. So I have booked myself a vacation at a spa. I will be drinking some healthy juice and taking supplements for a week (as well as getting colonics daily aka enemas yuck).

I'm praying this works. They say you don't crave carbs when you leave, but I didn't ask about meth and I'm not about to. I will post a comment and let you know how it went. I'm just counting the days although it's still a month away.

For those of us that don't want to go to a rehab, I think this is the next best thing. I'll let you know. Take care.
Punkin Pie

Good time to quit.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Leah,

Meth was originally taken in a pill form, like many other amphetamines. So it sounds to me like you are self-medicating with an illegal drug.

One recommendation I have for you is to find a good psychiatrist and, rather than self-medicating, work with a psychiatrist to take an anti-depressant instead of the meth. It sounds like you don't experience withdrawal and this transition might not be that difficult for you.

The prescribed anti-depressant should help address your motivation issues and allow you to end your dependence on meth.

Good luck,


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