Ways for the Whole Family to Recover From Addiction

by Cheryl

An addiction does not just affect the individual. Anyone who is around him or her feels the strong negative results of being addicted to drugs or alcohol. The family is next in line to deal with the actions and consequences of an addicted member. Here are a few ways that the effects of substance abuse wreak havoc on a family.

Overwhelming Problems

Substance abusers turn their problems into everybody's problems. Everyone begins to focus mostly on the activities on one person instead of the collective group. So, a typically joyous or happy occasion turns into a depressing situation.

Some families have to distance themselves from their addicted members. An addict hardly cares about making good first impressions or showing up to events on time. Some addicts show up drunk or high and turn all of the attention on themselves.

Addiction can be especially bad in urbanized areas like Los Angeles. If you or a family member needs help you can check out some of the substance abuse programs Los Angeles has locally to try and get help. Obviously there are programs across the nation, so there will be a center near you if you need it.

Ruined Finances

Drugs and alcohol have psychologically addictive effects that make people want to use more to receive the same effects. Addicts become more dependent on these substances and more desperate to find money to buy them. Many end up asking everyone they know for money to cover their habits.

Out of concern, many families give into the financial requests of addicts. They don't want to see them homeless or go through severe withdrawal symptoms. It's also common for addicts to need money for basic needs like food, rent and utilities. Supporting addicts is expensive, and many of them remain that way for years.

Participate in Group Therapy

Families can work together to overcome an individual's addiction. There are a wide range of group counseling options that are provided by license therapists. They recommend the best type of therapy for their patients to use.

There is behavioral group therapy that focuses on the causes and effects of an individual's behaviors. Psychoanalytic therapy uses the theories of psychoanalysis to focus on past traumas and repressed thoughts. There are other types of effective therapies that are recommended to help the families of substance users.

Promote Positive Group Activities

Participate in more positive, uplifting activities together as a group. Show an addict that there are other healthier ways to experience highs and enjoy life. This also encourages them to break away from old friends who engage in self-destructive behaviors.

It's very important to participate in the activities together. Be there to monitor their actions and offer words of encouragement. You'll also build more positive memories and experiences that did not exist before. Make sure that the main focus is on making good memories and not on dealing with a self-destructive addiction.

Participate in Rehabilitation Together

The primary treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is rehabilitation. At a rehab center, addicts become medical patients and their problems are taken seriously. There are doctors, therapists, dietitians and other medical experts who all work together for the best interests of their patients.

When children become adults and move out of the house, they spend fewer times with their families. The few moments that they spend together could all become negative if one person is struggling with an addiction. Fortunately, there are resources available to bring peace and normalcy back into the lives of many families.

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and Finally Remember:

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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