Alcohol Addiction

by Friend


My partner finished rehab 3 days ago and has started drinking again, what do i need to do?

Dreadful Disease

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Friend,

Often people will fall away after treatment. Some have six months of sobriety, while others, like your friend, fall right away. Encourage him to try again.

I know the 12 Step process gets ridiculed, but I firmly believe that if your friend goes to AA meetings and is honest, open and willing, he will benefit. 12 Step is about the whole person and can get to the root of why he needs to drink.

It works if you work it, and it will surely fail if he is not invested in truly wanting to stop drinking. You can keep encouraging him. Hopefully, he will understand that he can’t do it alone and on his own strength.

The disease is very nasty, but it can be managed.

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