All Cracked Up

by Tracey

(Franklin, Ky.)

My name is Tracey

I am 48yrs old. I was a crack addict approximately 15 years. I started at 17 smoking marijuana and drinking. As I got more involved with older men, I began snorting coke and lacing marijuana almost on a daily basis.

To make a long story short, it seemed that the men I chose were abusive and also strung out on some type of substance. Had 2 abusive and failed marriages. During my 2nd marriage I had quit doing drugs for 10yrs but when the love of my life cheated on me and started abusing me, I wanted to get revenge so I started back on drugs and I was more vicious and more dangerous and did not care who I hurt. What is really came down to is I was only hurting myself. I literally was destroying myself.

I had a praying mother and aunts and sometime my mother would show up (we lived about 45 minutes apart), and would minister to me(when I would allow her to). Believe it or not, the Lord started dealing with me Himself and I had no other choice but to return to my hometown, a place I hated. My mother told me one day, Tracey, you have got to want more.

I finally called her sister, who is a pastor and ran a women’s home and church, but she took me home with her for a year and I had to go to church when she went(which was all the time), but that was my rehab.

When I chose to have a personal relationship with Jesus, he delivered me and is still delivering me from me. I have been clean for about 12 years now, happily married to an ordained minister who loves the Lord and me. Currently attending University of Phoenix, majoring in Psychology.

I have a good job, making more money than I ever have in my life. I love paying my tithes instead of giving a drug dealer my money. I refuse to buy another drug dealer a house when I can buy myself one. I refuse to buy another drug dealer’s child shoes when I have 3 grandsons of my own I can buy shoes for.

I channel my financial blessings in other areas, such as helping people in areas where they need help. There is a lot more to this story. I just gave you the highlights. But if you really want to be delivered, you can and will be. I declare it in Jesus name. Amen

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