Athlete Abused Overdosed- Died 11 Minutes–God Raised Dead

by Brian Irons

(St. Louis)

I was a well-known athlete in the city of St. Louis, decided to smoke marijuana with the high school basketball teammates.

The addiction from this drug (marijuana) empowered me to try one drug after another.
Never in a million years did I believe I would use Cocaine, Heroin, Dippers, Pre-mo, Valiums, Tylenol 3’s & 4’s, PCP, Codeine Pills, Syrup, Hard Liquor, Beer, or any other substance that works against my sports career and living. After using and abusing street drugs for so long, my brain’s system could not have been so normal.

I earned 2 M.V.P. trophies as a pitcher; 2 M.V.P. trophies as a quarterback; was asked by four high school students to sign my name on their books and papers, after watching me play basketball. First 8 street fights were knockdowns. First place trophy in a dancing contest.

One day, as I was using drugs and getting high, my heart stopped beating for 11 minutes. I then went into a coma and stayed in it for ten days. Due to the heart stop and coma experience, my brain suffered an injury. Not only that, but the nerves in my leg suffered damage as well. Wow, I kept on using and abusing drugs, until they used and abused me.

After experiencing this drug abusing conflict, it made me turn to God. God’s word explained unto me that it was sin that empowered me to try drugs in the first place. I went to God, and He forgave the sins that triggered off that drug using experience. God rehabbed my life time after time.

If you keep using and abusing drugs, drugs will soon use and abuse you. Abusing drugs only leads people to experiencing episodes written in this story.

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