Best friend / drugs

by Jessica

(Colo Spgs Colo)

I have a friend I’ve known since elementary school….she was everything I thought she could be……we both graduated high school….everything was going well until 2 years ago when she got kicked out of her parents house…she moved in with an abusive guy… stayed there two years and now she finally left him… now she lives with her brother….and I found out yesterday from a friend she might be doing crack or meth …

Do you think I should dump her if she is doing crack or meth????

Living With Meth

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Jessica,

In life there are so many difficulties. I am certain your friend did not get up one day and decide to get into trouble with meth or crack. But it does happen. It’s a brain disease and if she is in trouble, she will need treatment. If she gets treatment, she will need support in recovery. You might be the friend she needs in her darkest hour.

Call Al-anon in your area and seek their advice and counsel. They understand and they can help you to help her. They’ve been through all of this many times and their organization is designed to support you, or family members who are trying to do the right thing. If she is in trouble with drugs, don’t allow yourself to get fooled.

You have to be smart to help her, but I encourage you to be a friend and give it a try.

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