Boyfriend at home self detoxing?

by Shellie

my boyfriend is on day six of at home self detoxing…and has done quite well.. he has had all the withdrawals and what not and is almost feeling back to normal physically.. we have been reading up on and talking a lot about his low testosterone and sex drive.. cause when he was on the dilaudid when had a very very healthy sexual relationship… and as expected it has dropped dramatically… it is not there… and we knew this would happen and have done and talked about all we need to i think…

I just want to know if there is anything i can do as a spouse to help his recovery and make sure he and our relationship come out of this healthier then before…

Thanks you so much for all the info your site has provided us..

Help is Possible

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Shellie,

Detox is no walk in the park, so I am not at all enthusiastic about merely detoxing at home. At the very least, I would suggest a visit to his doctor for a medical workup. The side effects you described are certainly treatable and need not be a major concern.

My major concern is with his overall health. I encourage you to make sure that he’s healthy, encourage him to make that appointment and not be his own physician.

Just because he has detoxed does not mean he won’t start using again. I recommend you begin to attend Al-anon meetings to learn about drug addiction. The chances of him not starting to use again are small.

He should be attend NA or AA meetings to understand everything that he needs to do to move from drug addiction into recovery.

Addiction is a VERY serious mental health problem and rarely is resolved when the addict stops using for a while, it usually starts again.

The more information you get the more helpful you will be to your husband.

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