Brother using drugs?

by Sophie

My brother is addicted to weed, possibly stronger stuff as well with the way he’s acting. Now I would like to involve the police but my concern is I don’t know what affect it will have on my chances of going to university, and with how selfish my brother is, I now have to think of myself, as going to university is so important.

Two Different Issues

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Sophie,
You have two separate issues to deal with here. On the one hand, from what you’ve told us, your brother has a substance use problem and you’re looking for ways to help him. On the other hand, if the police are involved, you fear that your brother’s behavior will negatively impact you going to college.

I would hope that a university would look at you, your academic achievement and your extra-curricular activities and see a fine candidate. I know of many people who have gone on to college, regardless of their difficult family situation.

Let’s focus on your brother. Have you and the other members of your family tried to get him into treatment, to help him get his life back on track? Have you spoken to anyone about his needs, such as a drug counselor or a family doctor? You can call Al-anon and receive support and guidance from people just like you who want to help their brother.

Sometimes, as a last resort, family members will turn-in their brother, but before you do that, maybe make an appointment with a law enforcement officer and talk about your situation. Sometimes the best thing for a person is to be arrested and put behind bars where they will receive treatment for their disease. But that doesn’t always happen.

He might just get a slap on the wrist for being a first-time offender and go right back on the street. Some states have drug courts that do a great job in helping offenders. Law enforcement can be a fine resource, but my suggestion is to exhaust all other avenues.

my brother

by: Sophie

Thank you for your comment, that is very helpful. He has an appointment with the doctor on Monday, but he doesn’t want to go, and he refuses to seek more help, and we’re trying to get him more help, but he doesn’t want to admit that there’s a problem.

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