Doctor is a Drug Dealer

by Shirley

The addicted person’s doctor prescribes narcotics for pain & has been told that the patient abuses the morphine & other drugs he has prescribed.

I am the addicted person’s care taker (for want of a better description); I am 78 and in pain myself which I just live with.

We are in PA and I need to know where to go for help. How much morphine does it take to kill a person. So far this person has taken 10, 60 mg of morphine in a 24 hour period but no longer has possession of the drug.

And why don’t the police shut down these pain management doctors as all they are legalized drug dealers?

You Need the Right Person

by: Ned Wicker

We live in a society that demands service from doctors. All over the country, people flock to emergency departments, complaining of pain and they demand relief. It’s not just some physicians who are the problem, it’s a two-way street.

Having said that, I am proud to say that the organization I have worked for, has taken steps to ensure that pain relief is not merely prescribing medication. Long term, chronic pain is a difficult issue because on the one hand the doctor wants to give his patient some relief, but on the other hand, as in the case of your person, abuse takes place.

A responsible pain management clinic will do a thorough screening to detect any signs that a person is in jeopardy of developing an addiction, and in the cases where people either are abusing the treatment or are at risk of addiction, alternative therapies are tried.

From time-to-time you might see a piece on the evening news about pain management doctors that are busted for over prescribing, but in truth it is a difficult process to stop even the worst offenders.

The sleazy pain clinics that prescribe for anybody that moves and flood the streets with prescription pain medication are certainly a problem, but we have to be smart.

Therefore, do a little homework and find out who is treating the patient and if there have been any issues reported to authorities.

Go to well-established organizations with strong ties to the community. Ask questions. Top professional people are always glad to answer any question and address your concerns.

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