Don’t believe he overdosed on cocaine?

by JB

I really need someone to talk to me about cocaine overdose deaths. My husband was found dead in his truck and because he tested positive for coke they ruled it an overdose.

All the evidence said he was murdered and they made it look like an overdose. He had what looks like stun gun burns on 2 parts of his arm and a needle mark right on top one of the burns.

If you can give any websites with detailed pictures of new and old track marks so I can compare, and any websites you think would help me.

I need to know what happened to him so my boys and I can have closer.

Thank you JB


by: Ned Wicker

Dear JB,

Please accept my sincerest condolences for your loss. Losing someone so close is never easy, but not knowing why is a terrible experience.

Did they do an autopsy? If the procedure is conducted by a qualified medical professional, not necessarily the elected county coroner, the results would surely point to the underlying reason for your husband’s death.

There could be other reasons, not just overdose. Did he suffer a heart attack, or some kind of respiratory failure?

If an autopsy has not been done you will probably need to hire an attorney and have a private autopsy done to get the answers you’re seeking.

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