From romance to MISERY

by Becca


My story is a tough one to tell. My name is Rebecca. I was a nobody growing up. I didn’t have very many friends, didn’t get to go to the cool parties, none of the popular guys liked me.

I finally made it through the 9th grade of my high school career when i met the man of my dreams. He was a beautiful person. Out going, great sense of humor, the most popular, he just had everything.

The most important thing was he noticed me.

We completely fell in love with each other. Nothing he could say or do would make feel any different about him…..until one day..
I can still remember it like it was yesterday. if you ever feel the feeling i felt you will never forget it.

It was a Saturday morning. Cold, rainy, something just did not seem right about that day. My boyfriend was on his way to get me, i was so excited to see him. He had broken plans the day before with me for an odd reason that i couldn’t understand. He finally arrived that morning and the whole ride to his mothers house he would not make eye contact with me. Couldn’t sit still. Showed no concern for my feelings. I finally got a good look into his eyes and i asked him why his pupils were so big? He said “how else am i suppose to stay awake?”

He had been up the nite before smoking Crystal Meth. His excuse was he was only suppose to sell enough to make his truck payment….It’s still ongoing..i have been hit, punched, head-butted, thrown to the grown left for numerous days, called horrible names. I basically took care of our new born baby alone.

Crystal Meth took the only man away that i have ever loved. It took my life dreams away because i began using. I dropped out of college and helped ruin my family.

I’m not going to go to treatment because i know i can fight this sickness on my own. I know what i need to do to save my family. As bad as it hurts to walk away i am going to have to. And you will too.

Everyone has a rock bottom that they will hit. And waking up to someone who looks dead was mine. you can try everything people say to do. The person you are walking away from will think you have given up on them but i assure you you have not. You are merely helping them.

Being an addict is tough and horrible. But watching the only person you truly care about suffer from crystal meth and help them go down is even more horrible.

Take it from someone who has been there and can now see the truth about things and the real reason for livin and the opportunities that stand before me. Don’t let anything stand in your way.

Walk away before the only person who cares about you has to experience the felling that they will never forget.

Loosing someone to Crystal Meth.


My Story: “Her Letters from Prison”

by: Heather Heaton

I would like to recommend a new ebook as a resource for your reading pleasure, review, and commentary. The recently published ebook is entitled (“Her Letters from Prison: Part 1 & Part 2”) by Heather Heaton as published at Smashwords ( A brief description of the ebook follows:

Breanna tells the true story or her experiences in prison through her letters to her friend Heath. This is a story of survival and a quest to make a better life. The letters describe the daily shocking events of prison life involving drugs, sex, utter devastation and humiliation, anger, hopelessness, despair, and finally happiness and hope.

Breanna’s “truth” stands still even as the world around her trembles and burns! Bad things do happen to good people; and Breanna is the perfect example of this truth.

Breanna’s inner strengths and principles eventually win out over the corruption and evil that surrounds her. With God’s help, Breanna survives the horrible experiences of prison life and regains her self-confidence and hope for a better life.

“Breanna” was an inmate at Tutwiler Women’s Prison from 2007 to 2009.

“Breanna” benefitted from women’s prison ministries such as yours.

There probably other youngsters and adolescents, much like me, who will have to learn these life lessons painfully for themselves, the hard way – by experiencing them first hand.

Well, if you continue to read my story, here’s what you will experience – drugs, sex, violence, prison, utter devastation/humiliation, anger, hopelessness, despair, and finally happiness and hope!

Just read this story and do something positive in your own life.

I hope that you find this ebook both interesting and helpful.

Heather Heaton

Don’t Isolate Yourself

by: Anonymous


You have had a long and difficult experience, but I am happy to hear that you have decided to take a walk away from your addiction.

One thing, however, troubles me. I want you to succeed and live a healthy, productive life. Please do not isolate yourself from those who can be of the most help.

Treatment is not a punishment or an organized way of forcing you to quit. Rather it is love and support from people who understand your addiction, who very much want to see you be happy and who know how to help. At the very least, go to NA meetings and allow people to be your support network.

You can’t have that once wonderful relationship, but you can move on and be a complete person. You’re in my prayers.

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