He has a TBI from a snowboarding accident?

by Karolyn

My son is 16 and has only been smoking Marijuana for a couple of months. He has a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) from a snowboarding accident over a year ago. He has daily headaches and I believe that is what made smoking appealing to him.

We are trying different treatments with medical professionals but he is frustrated with the length of time that it has taken them to try to help and the fact that so far nothing has helped except smoking.

I found out last week and took everything away from him. He is supervised all of the time right now. However, I think he is going through withdrawl and is not able to think clearly.

He is sure that it is not addicting and he is not addicted. He told me tonight that he cannot handle the pain any longer (not one more minute) and asked me if he could smoke just one time until he could see the doctor for his next treatment.

I don’t know what my next steps should be.

Ask Questions

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Karolyn,

Marijuana is addictive, so you son is very wrong on that count. You should probably ask questions and push for answers, starting with his primary care physician.

He’s honest about the marijuana use and tell the doctor what is going on and why your son is making that choice. You need to push for pain management solutions that are in the best interest of your son.

The TBI is a very serious issue, so I ask you, what happens after the marijuana doesn’t work for him anymore? What’s next.

It’s good you’re asking questions, so you keep on doing that until you are satisfied that a proper solution is in place for your boy. Stay on it, because I see trouble ahead, big trouble, if you don’t. Good job.

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