Heroin use vomit cycle syndrome?

by Michael

I have a son 24 year old, he has vomit cycle syndrome. He gets sick a lot he uses heroin to relive his pain?

Do you know anything about vomit cycle syndrome, that’s the key to his recovery.

Can you help?

Bad Choice

by: Ned Wicker

As terrible as the vomit cycle syndrome is, it is treatable and requires some education. Your son should see a doctor not a felon. When he is not on a cycle, there are medications that can be prescribed to help him control his symptoms and a physician is best qualified to help him through that.

People generally improve after they have learned how to control the symptoms, so this is a process. You can encourage your son to put his trust in a medical professional, not a pusher. Heroin is never a good idea, never a good choice and never an alternative for legitimate treatment.

Part of me thinks the CVS is his excuse to use heroin. I know that may sound harsh, but there’s a lot going on here. Your son needs help.

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