I’m afraid I’m addicted to legal drugs

I have done the “legal highs” thing many times. There are pills that I think are supposed to simulate cocaine. I have had a problem with these for a while.

I keep on telling myself that I wanna quit. But I do it once a week, every 5-7 days or so. What can I do to stop? It’s so hard when these things are sold in stores and easily available and so enjoyable as well. I enjoy it when I do it but afterwards I feel so guilty and hate it.

I want to stop so badly. What can I do? Right now the problem isn’t terrible but I don’t want it to even get that far.

Please help.

Legal but a problem

by: Ned Wicker

People in general associate drug problems with either street drugs or some kind of prescription medication, but taking over-the-counter drugs for anything other than their intended purpose is drug abuse. And, when a person wants to stop, but cannot, that falls into a substance use disorder and presents another difficult problem.

Therefore, your situation is really no different. You use these drugs recreationally and you can’t stop.

For starters, have a chat with your doctor and see if there are any underlying medical issues. You can also consult a drug treatment center or Narcotics Anonymous.

Those are three suggestions to start with. It’s good that you recognize the issue, that’s the first important step. All the best.

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