important question

by hailey

(faiefield iowa )

why do they become violent sometimes?

important question

by: Lynette


Hi Hailey-

I was not really familiar as to why drug addicts become violent sometimes so I looked up “drug addicts and violence” on the internet. I found a statement that said:


A person that abuses drugs or alcohol loses control of their lives. Judgment gets cloudy, rational thinking goes out the window, and what they know is wrong when they are sober doesn?t seem so bad then when they are high.


Crime is also higher among drug abusers.

It is a VERY sad state of affairs.

If you are involved with someone who gets violent PLEASE get help. You could call a counselor, go to Al Anon meetings or call a clergy or doctor to find out what to do.

Good luck and I’ll say a prayer for you.-Lynette

Change In Personality

by: Ned Wicker

One of my first encounters with an addict/alcoholic came when I was a child. A family friend was a drinker and when he had a few he got nasty. He was a lovely man, but add alcohol and you got a first class jerk.

Alcohol and drugs can have a profound impact on brain chemistry, and each individual is unique. One person gets giddy, but the other gets violent. It’s hard to predict behavior, but many drugs cause violent reactions.

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