Interested in your drug invention program?

by Victoria

Hello my name is Victoria, and I am inquiring about your Drug intervention program. I have a friend who is addicted to Cocaine, alcohol, and pretty much any kind of pill she can get her hands on.

I am very concerned about her.

Her drug use has gone way beyond social, and she is very deep into her addiction at this time. She is skin and bones, and I worry everyday that I might get that dreaded phone call that she has passed away.

The frustrating part is that she does not believe that she has a problem or even acknowledges her drug addiction. She does not have insurance, but I was hoping that somehow you guys can help. Please e-mail me back with some information on your programs.

I really appreciate it.

Rally the Troops

by: Ned Wcker

Dear Victoria,

Denial is a very powerful lie that prevents people from seeing the truth. Sadly, it is a part of the disease and anyone with a substance use disorder has gone through the same denial process.

Your friend has a brain disease, so expecting her to be thinking clearly and seeing her situation for what it is unrealistic. Unfortunately you have to stand by and watch as she throws her life away. But take heart, there is hope.

First of all, understand that you are not going to save her. You can take action, you can be helpful, but the results are not in your pay grade.

I would recommend a call to Al-anon, an organization dedicated to helping friends help friends. A colleague of mine once told me that helping friends and family members is sometimes harder than working with addicts because they are so fixated on trying to help and support the addict that they become part of the problem.

Al-anon will help you learn what you can do to be of help, and how to avoid being in the way.

Because your friend is in denial, she isn’t really going to listen to you. After all, in her view, she does not have a problem, so it’s probably you that has the problem; she’s fine. You can’t tell her anything, but you can be a part of the solution.

She has to see for herself that she has a problem, so her treatment and recovery are best planned and orchestrated by a professional. You can gather information. Perhaps a call to a drug treatment center might render some results.

You might consider talking to her family and see if they are on the same page with you. I say this because addiction is a family disease, so they need to be a part of her program.

If they all are users, you may not get any support, even if your friend is dying. If they share your concern, you have the beginning of a great support team.

Anyway, make the call to Al-anon and they can help you decide if an intervention is a good idea and who locally would be the best to help you.

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