Life after meth is possible!

by Aj


I wish I knew that life was actually possible after using meth. I wanted to stop every minute of everyday for years, but the withdrawals were so intense… I couldn’t make it past one day.

It wasn’t until I got sent to prison for a year, (drug related crimes.. DUI’s, possession…etc.) that I got clean.

It was by far the most horrible, painful, and terrifying experience for over 4 months. That is how long I “came down” for. I think the effects of meth, (physically and mentally) is different for everyone.

I was one of the few who looking at me, you would never know I smoked meth for 7 years. My teeth aren’t cracked, decayed, and falling out, my skin hasn’t been picked at and doesn’t have an unhealthy appearance… I even still look quite a bit younger than I am.

This, I thought made me one of the “Lucky Ones.” I now think the opposite, I have always been overly concerned about my appearance, (due to low self-esteem) and if it would have started to turn me into looking like what I was… an addict then maybe I would have stopped.

I think I would have found a way. I came out of prison and was clean 3 years. Started using meth again and got busted within a month in the most unusual way, I wasn’t driving around high, etc. I know there’s life after meth, I lived it for 3 years.

It is like going outside in the warm sun after being in a cold dungeon for what seems like forever. Now I have been reading about how to stop and lessen the withdrawals from meth… and massage therapy and a combo of amino acids can do wonders.

I will be trying it and already spent my “drug money,” on amino acid supplements.

I wanna feel the warm sun again.

Meth Addiction

by: Anonymous

My name is Paul, I spent 20 years in an Active Addiction, my choice, METH !!! I have been clean now for over 24 years, YES, the withdrawal was HORRIBLE !!! I understand Addiction very well.

Yes there is

by: Anonymous

Yes there is life after meth, thank you for writing this, guys and girls need to hear that clean and sober life is much better then life under the influence – if it was not – I would still be using.

Coming up on 7 years in Oct. and I was certainly a tweaker – 2 – 10 grams a day – in and out of jail and completely out of my mind.

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