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My daughter was released from a 10 day stay of detox and rehab for Xanax and pain medication.

She has a 4mo old at home (she lives with her father and I)and her boyfriend (child’s father) lives with us also.

She was acting strange and appears to have formed an attachment to one of the young men who was also in rehab.

She ignored her boyfriend and child to spend the evening texting and going on Facebook to talk to this young man.

What, as a parent, should I do or say to influence her actions or should I do anything at all?

I feel like the hurricane is here and I haven’t had time to shutter the house.

She has had all this help and I am struggling to catch up.

My son is addicted to oxycontin. He went to a rehab clinic for 30 days and came out clean, however, I believe he has had on and off days.

He has stolen money and jewelry to support this habit, he lost a good job and is in debt beyond belief….this has created a lot of tension and stress in our family and I do not think we deserve this.

If he leaves our home, he will have no where to go and I worry something terrible will happen to him…when we confront him about this there is denial and lots of crying and then apologies, I am frustrated and depressed because of this.

What can a family do to overcome this?

Hi my name is Thienly…

I’m having a family issue which is my husband is a drug addicted now and he’s getting worst, and worst day by day, until the point that I don’t know what to do now, and what I should do, because I have 3 little kids in my house…

I’m really afraid that he will harm my kids some day…

I really need help from some treatment for my husband…

I really need help…

My fiance would be willing to go to Christian AA meetings?

Where could he begin to go?

We live in new york city.

I have a problem with crack cocaine and I can’t stop,

Even when my kids are with me at home.

Can you help?

by asher


What is the difference between drug use and the abuse of a drug?

by brittany

(ridgeville in.)

Why do I use drugs?

What do they solve?

What’s the point of wasting my life?

My sister is manic bi-poler and uses meth.

Is bi-poler hereditary??

Does the drug intensifying effect of manic bi-poler mood swings??

Will she commit suicide from the drug or the bi-polar or both??

please help.

One more question- does being bi-poler make you want the drug more??

My finance is addicted to crack, and its driving me nuts…

He swears he can do it all alone, but for 5 years…

I’ve been going through the same thing..

I am 29 years of age, and he’s soon to be 43…

Would it be smart to endure or just leave…

I mean, c’mon, how much DO I HAVE TO TAKE in order to show that I love & care for him…

Unfortunately, when drugs is involved.. nothing matters…. please help me.. I don’t know what
to do..

I need a LOW COST Program to put him into…

Do you have any suggestions?

Looking for NA meetings and AA Meetings in my area, Sarnia, Ontario.

Already detoxed and been clean for 2 months but I need a sponsor.

Please get back to me.

I would like to know what services are available for me and my wife to handle our 28 year old son who is getting treatment from a methadone clinic.

We would like to get counseling for us and see what kind of services are available for him and us.

It has put a strain on us financially and our marriage.

We live in Omaha, NE

I need help for my sister who is 33 and is DRUG addict.

She took up a loan at the bank to make home improvements at our family home in Soweto and we think she has used up all that money on her addiction and now the house is just standing there incomplete.

She was off drugs when she was pregnant with her kid but she is back full-force, she still has her job but does not really go there as much.

She lies, her good personality has changed, she is angry all the time and when we ask her about money she always puts up a fight, we where raised by our aunts and they where good to us and she is just tearing up the whole family we don’t know what to do anymore.

Please give help and advice on how to help her kick this thing out of her life for good before it’s to late.

I would like to know more about the physical and psychological ill effects of addiction?

My boyfriend is addicted to crack.

He has been to a treatment center and has also worked there. When we first met he said he was clean.

He wasn’t. He had just gotten high a few days prior. I was under the impression that he was ok but just needed a little more encouragement and support than the average person.

We’ve been together for 7 months now and he has relapsed 5 times. He says he doesn’t need to go to go to rehab again, that there isn’t anything new he can learn from going. He will begin to attend N/A meetings and hopefully find a good sponsor.

I’m scared to death of our future. I’m haunted by the lies he’s told me to make me think he’s out doing something other than getting high. I felt helpless and unloved during the hours and days I was unable to reach him.

The last time he relapsed was only two days ago. He told me the day before that he was called to do a moving job. He left early the next morning and I was in touch with him all day until 8pm that night. The last thing he told me was I’ll be home soon.

He didn’t show up until 3:45am. When he came back, I cried to him and felt nothing but despair and anger and every possible emotion that’s associated with this type of act from someone you love from the very core of yourself.

Of course he couldn’t say much. With a blank stare and absolutely no emotion that I could tell, he said “I’m sorry.”

The next day he explained what happened. He had an appointment with a jeweler in the morning. He had put down a down payment for an engagement ring! And on his way back he gave in to an urge and went to the projects to score his rock!

He wasn’t even in a bad mood, all he had to do was think about it and tell himself that he could just continue lying to me!

Completely cheated, deceived, manipulated and broken-hearted, I am still standing by him. Hoping, praying and fearfully waiting for him to become a better man.

Someone whom I would one day, proudly wear a ring for.

Is there any help getting Subutex if you can’t pay for it?

What would five behaviors be that would help me avoid seeing the reality of my addiction without using drugs?

Is smoking crystal meth bad for my body?

Hello! I want to know where i can find help for a person addicted to drug, which is the first step o what can i do..

My husband is addicted to drugs and he was trying to leave drugs by himself, but i think he can’t do it.

How can you help me…

Can you answer as soon as possible..please..


A friend of mine is addicted to oxy’s.

I don’t know what to do anymore.

I know that I cannot help him but a treatment center is the best option at this point.

What should be our move as people who love him, because he is in denial and is lying about everything lately.

No one can get through to him!

I don’t know if my doctor will start me up again on the Subutex, as it would be my third time and I didn’t finish going in to see her the last time, there for I didn’t finish the tablets called Subutex that she was giving me,

I’m about to lose the girl I plan to marry in 2011.

Life’s not good at the moment as I’ve been treating her badly, so bad she thinks I will hit her one day very soon and I can’t have her thinking that.

She loved me when no one else would.

My husband is addicted to Opana and Oxycodone but refuses to admit it. He tells me that he needs it in order to go to work everyday because he is in a lot of pain and can’t function without it.

How do I know this is true?

For the past 6 yrs. he has been on several pain medications ranging from Oxycontin to Tramadol.

I am so frustrated with him because he has abused them and then run out and gone through SEVERE withdrawals. I now hold his medication for him and administer it to him 2x’s a day but he found where I hide it and took more than was prescribed.

He tells me he was in a lot of pain.

We have been married for over 20 yrs., have 2 healthy beautiful girls (19 and 16). This has put such a huge damper on our relationship that I am now ready for a separation.

The only reason I haven’t asked him to leave yet is because he has no family here and he has isolated himself from all of his friends. For the past year he very rarely does anything w/myself or our daughters, misses out on most functions/parties.

We used to do everything together as a family.

Also he started smoking cigarettes and has become a chain smoker. I HATE IT!

He does not smoke in the house but now stays in his workshop/shed so he can smoke. Sometimes stays out there until 2 a.m. just putting around aimlessly..?

I don’t understand it!

He suffers from degenerative disc disease. He had a spinal fusion several years ago and a disc replaced- it didn’t help him. The last surgeon we saw said he needed to get off the pain med, loose 20-25 lbs., exercise and QUIT SMOKING to strengthen his core.

This made me realize that he needs to get off these drugs and take better care of himself. I am beside myself on how to help him and know he needs to get treatment.

I have been seeing a counselor for a few months because our marriage is literally held together by a few strings. We had a great marriage and family and I now feel like a single parent because he misses so many events.

Can you PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE AS TO HOW TO HELP HIM? Also he is a construction superintendent and is afraid that if we went in for treatment that he’d loose his job or get laid off?

I believe this is an excuse.


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