My bestfriend has a drug problem and I don’t know what to do.

My best friend (who is 15 years old) has been doing cocaine for the last few months and it is getting pretty clear to me that she has a problem. She doesn’t go to school and has been binging every single night til 5 in the morning. The only time she doesn’t binge is when she doesn’t have the energy to do so.

I’ve had past cocaine problems myself so I’ve had to distance myself from her to prevent myself from doing it.

I’ve been talking to her sister about this whole problem and it seems her sister lost hope in her a long time ago and wants nothing to do with the situation.

I even tried telling her mother via a facebook inbox. I know her mom knows she is doing it but she seems to be in shock at the moment and not doing anything to help. I know her mom got my message but she isn’t responding.

I’ve been able to get her to admit she has a problem but at the same time she doesn’t seem to care what direction her life is going in. I’m her only true friend and i try to tell her what’s going to happen i try everything.

She has made the decision to stop a few times but as soon as i lose contact with her she’ll get a text from one of her coke buddies and go do it anyway.

What should i do? I’m only 19 years old and the only person in her life that cares enough to go to these lengths to help her. My last resort is contacting her father about the issue but I’m not sure what will happen if i do.

Seek Help for Guidance

by: Ned Wicker

You are in a very difficult spot. Your friend’s mother is completely dropping the ball and not taking care of her daughter. From what you have written, your friend needs to go into treatment and get her life back on the right track.

To be 15 and doing cocaine is a dreadful thing, because the adolescent brain just isn’t capable of handling the drug, and even the fully-developed brain doesn’t handle it well. She is in jeopardy of living a lifetime, however long, of misery and addiction. She has to be stopped.

I suggest you give Al-anon a call and talk to them. Al-anon supports those who are concerned about people they care about and loved ones. You are not her parent, her guardian or a family member.

Her sister is probably very frustrated and not equipped to handle your friend’s illness. Mom and sister do not understand that your friend has a brain disease and is incapable of making good choices and should not be allowed to make decisions.

Her family needs to rally around her and get her the help that she needs. You are kind of on the outside looking in, only you know what’s going on and the family doesn’t.

Is there an aunt or uncle you can turn to, or grandparents? Somebody in that family has to wake up and realize that unless this young person receives help, there is likely to be a funeral in the not too distant future. You say mom is in shock.

Mom needs to be mom, not a buddy, a concerned bystander or a helpless observer. She needs to take action and get help for her daughter. This is not a teenage phase, this is a serious health threat.

If nothing works, if all fails, maybe she needs to be arrested. The law enforcement professionals have dealt with this before and they need to be considered a resource for you. I know it’s drastic, but it might be needed to save her life. But make the call to Al-anon, or a drug treatment center and get their take on it.

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