My brother’s addiction to marijuana

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My brother’s addiction to marijuana

This story isn’t about me but rather about my older brother, as a young kid I didn’t know much except that he was a smart kid, he always had the ability to be a mechanic. He was always bad tempered and abusive but once he went to high school he started smoking pot and hanging out with crack heads and heroin addicts.

He met a girl named Jada, she was into drugs as well and came from a scummy family. From the age of 10 my brother stole out of my savings and even up to $300 dollars and never gave a cent back. He would hit me and my mum and scream in our faces to the point of us being covered in saliva. He would look for knives and machetes and threaten to chop us and our neighbors up in our sleep.

But it was like a cycle you see…he would be happy for a few minutes then would turn into a abusive psychopath. Then his girlfriend moved in. She would steal off me and my mum hundreds of dollars and never gave a cent back either, she would abuse me and my mum both verbally and emotionally.

Me and my mum were prisoners in our own house for over 3 years. My older brother was a anorexic twig who used to think he was tough by standing over women, and his girlfriend went from being overweight to sunken in cheeks and looking like a drained skeleton, we always were told “they only smoke pot” but it was clear that they were doing harder drugs.

I would stay at my grandparents house, an hour away from them, and get threats of my older brother bashing me to death, my brothers girlfriend used to steal my clothes and go through all my things. But if there’s one thing about pot that I’ve learned is everyone always started off with it then they move onto harder drugs.

Even though they haven’t given up drugs, me and my mum have move houses. I never got my money back but for now I’m keeping the peace. I never plan on seeing my brother or his girlfriend again gladly, in fact I don’t even think he deserves the right of being called my brother.

They are scum and are worthless, they are both HIV+ from drug use and my brother has memory loss. From all the things I’ve seen, this is the reasons why I am never going to take drugs ever. And remember pot isn’t harmless it ruins your life. And it’s not the one who’s doing the drug that suffers, it’s the loved ones around them that do.

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My brothers addiction to marijuana…

by: Jerry

I hate to read that your brother has the problems he does. I don’t think that the marijuana causes a person to react like you are saying. I do believe he has some other mental issues, like anger problems for sure and maybe something more severe. Who’s to say.

I understand your feelings toward your brother but you also need to understand his problem with drug addiction. I do believe your right about him doing more then the weed cause I’ve never heard of people getting violent by just smoking weed, but I could be wrong cause drugs effect everybody differently.

I hate to read that you don’t talk to him cause of all the things he has done to you and your mum. Just remember that it’s the drugs that is causing him to react like he is. Keep an open mind and don’t totally give up on him.


Cannabis is a harmful drug.

by: Savannah

The comment from Jerry is wrong. Cannabis today is lined with other drugs, in some cases rat poison and heroin. In 10% of people that may have possible mental imbalance but not overly evident, it can trigger a very aggressive behaviour. Just like that described here.

So next time some says they are JUST smoking cannabis, you’re wrong about it being harmless. very wrong.

So sad to read this story. I understand more than many. My son is only 13 and he’s travelling this path. I won’t give up but I miss my boy,

Marujuana takes contol of my brother

by: Enlee

When I read your story, it reminds me of my foolish brother. He always asks for money all the time, and if I did not gave him the money he would ran for the axe and chased me around the house. But one thing I always advice him is that I ask him to read the Bible three times a day if he wanted to go to the street to look for more drugs. But lets not hate our brothers, because God says to love your enemy.

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