My mum is desperate!

Please help, my brother is a drug addict, my mum is desperate, we have tried to get him to go to rehab but to no avail.

It is just about impossible to have more than two words with him, he won’t talk with us, he treats us like enemy’s and he says crazy things like he really believes and it is impossible to dispute them as he gets angry, thanks jenny.

Family Action Needed

by: Ned Wicker

Your brother’s behavior is so very consistent with advanced addiction. He has shut out the rest of the world and nothing else matters to him but getting high. He has no interest in work, in family, or in friendships, other than his drug using acquaintances.

You are the enemy because you want him to stop. You need to get professional help.

Hounding him about treatment will not be effective. Turn to a drug treatment center, Al-Anon or some other organization that can help you and your family form a good plan to get him help.

He will resist, as you have already stated. He’s going to get angry and say those wild things, but stick to your plan and don’t give in to anything he says. Every member of the family needs to be on the same page, with no exceptions. This will be difficult, but it’s necessary and the hope is he’ll be able to allow someone to help him. Do not do this on your own.

Get professional help and get the whole family together. Once he gets into treatment, he will have a fighting chance to manage this terrible disease that has been destroying him.

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