My son is on Meth

by Troubled mom

My son is 22 years old. He has been doing Meth since he was 18,(that I know of). He went after my husband with a knife when he was 18 because he was hearing voices.

Now this year it has gotten worse than ever,he does the Meth then he stays up for about 5 nights, the voices come and he grabs knives.

We call the police because we are scared. He goes to jail for 8 hours and comes home.

The latest event he came in and called me every name in the book broke my bedroom door and grabbed a knife for the 10th time.

He cut my sofa a couple months back, and we wake up to knives sticking out of our chairs. Every one told me over the years to get a restraining order cause he is going to kill me.

He always says he hates me and wishes I were dead. Well I did get a restraining order and have cried every day since. He doesn’t work has no money and is on the streets.

Is this tough love or am I setting him up to die? He gets ssi but it is gone in a week. He suffers from depression but refuses to take meds. He was taken to the hospital this last time for a hold.

The whole family told him to stay there because of the restraining order and to get help, he refused.

Out of Control

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Troubled Mom,

You son is incapable of making healthy, rational and positive choices for himself. His disease has progressed to the point where he is completely out of control.

Have you considered a civil commitment? He is a danger to others and to himself. His inability to function sends red flags up for me and he needs help. He needs to be in treatment and it can’t be optional. He cannot be allowed to make decisions. The law may be against you here, but please consider an action. In his case, the jail is the safest place for him.

Call Al-Anon and share your story. Allow their members to support you. I know this is difficult for you, but he needs to be institutionalized, because without treatment, he will surely end his days and may harm others along the way.

Up date from troubled mom

by: Bev

I was looking to commit him and couldn’t find any answers. I then got the restraining order.

Update: He got a ticket for something they wouldn’t tell me what. Was released on an O. R.

He tried to steal a pack of cigarettes and was arrested again on Saturday. The D A has until Tuesday to press charges.

He is in jail for now. He was suppose to go to court for a pre-trial on 9-1 for the 5 tickets he has from me calling when he was under the influence, now has 2 more charges.

I still cry a lot, he is my son and I do love him,but I feel better that he is off the streets and not doing Meth.

Thank you for your comment. I agree he was getting very dangerous.

Call Joe Herzanek

by: Ned Wicker

Thanks for the update and I have one more recommendation for you. We work with a man named Joe Herzanek who has been a chaplain in a jail for many years. You should call him and ask for advice.

He may be able to help figure out what you can tell the authorities so that you can get your son committed and the help he needs. Joe’s number is 303-775-6493.

Good luck and keep working to get your son the help he needs!

prop 36

by: Bev

My son is going to be released from jail on the 15th. What is prop 36? Is it inpatient or out? I don’t want him locked up but he needs inpatient.

Prop 36

by: Bev

My son is going to be released from jail on the 15th. What is prop 36 ? Is it in patient or out? I don’t want him locked up but He needs in patient.

Prop 36

by: Ned Wicker

Here is a link to the Prop 36 web site and explains everything:

Here we go again

by: Bev

He was released. He went to the store bought a couple of beers. Then he bought a controlled substance and was put in jail again for having a drug on him and a device to use it.

He will be released in a few hours. I guess there goes his prop36 and his freedom. Maybe jail is the only way to keep him from using drugs. He was gone a month. Not out for even half a day and going back to the same thing.

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