Need someone to speak at our school?

by Charity


Hi, my name is Charity. I go to a school in rural Michigan and we’ve been having problems with drugs and violence in our school more than ever before.

In this past week (October 28, 2011) we have had two students overdose. One young lady from our middle school and a young man from our high school.

My goal by contacting you is to get someone to come talk to our student body as a whole about the consequences of drug addiction and abuse. I would very much appreciate a reply back!


Charity (Senior, 17 yrs old)

Look in your own Backyard

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Charity,

Thank you for contacting us. Here’s a suggestion–call the local chapters of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-anon. AA, of course, helps people who are users, while Al-anon helps family members who are concerned for someone they love.

Narcotics Anonymous helps those doing illegal street drugs and prescription medications. Your local police department may also be a good resource for you, as they are on the front line of dealing with drug addicts, pushers and the ugly side of a very dangerous social problem.

Still another suggestion would be a doctor or counselor from a drug treatment center, or local hospital.

Do you know somebody who has been directly impacted by drugs? They might be a good person to talk to your classmates. A parent who has lost a child to drug overdose is another person who would add a very significant perspective.

Yet another source is a local priest or pastor who has done a funeral for a drug user.

I hope this helps.

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