November 2010 Questions

by Sandy

I would like to know more about your program.

Locations and costs would be helpful.

I am looking for a facility for my daughter (16) ASAP.

Thank you.

by Brooke

So my younger sister and her boyfriend are both drug addicts. They are clearly in a relationship for drugs and think they are in “love”. They are so toxic for each other.

They treat each other like crap. Now to top this off, she is now pregnant with his child.

They were trying to get pregnant for months. She is 21 and he is 20. I have no idea what to do, or what to even say about it…

If you can give me advise on how to handle this situation, please contact me. It is getting way out of control and I know and my parents know.

We don’t want her boyfriend attached to her forever, we want them to break up and move on, but there relationship is so sick, she feels like she won’t and can’t find anyone else.

by Ginger

(Sacramento, ca)

I’ve been taking 1mg. – 2mg. of valium daily for 2-1/2 months.

Will I have withdrawal symptoms?

by Todd

I am in need of financial help for rapid detox from opioids.

Please help I really want the help and will do what ever it takes.

Thank you for your time.

by cavin

(foley alabama)

What are the relapse statistics for a person addicted to:



3.)pain killers including oxycotton

The gender and age group is a 39 year old female. she was extremely addicted to all three to the point of losing her family and going to prison..if the statistics are more general that is fine also.


by Rosa Patella

(Niagara Falls, NY)

I am familiar with detox using ibogaine. More people really need to talk about this, simply because it doesn’t have a lot of research is not a good reason to ignore it or stay addicted.

Call Irene at and you will hear why it is so valuable and how you can resolve the trauma that has led to addiction.


(Trenton, New Jersey)

My son has been going to a treatment center in Camden, NJ every morning for methadone. He gets a dose there and for awhile came right home and was doing OK.

However, the past 2 weeks he is spaced out and not himself. He is nasty and not taking care of himself.

There are two possibilities either the methadone is no longer effective or he doing more drugs.

The clinic has not recognized this!

Something has gone wrong, please help!

by Brendon

I am living in area with high drug use and poverty. I am working with a Christian camp and we are looking to help out in the community.

I was wondering if you had any suggestions of community involvement to combat drug use?

by Darwin

I have a brother 28 years of age that is deeply into drugs, still lives with my parents, doesn’t work, gets drugged up every day, threatens my mother and my family.

He has destroyed his room the bathroom and other parts of the house. When he is under the influence he starts seeing things, threatens my family and says he is going to kill himself and he is going to take others.

He calls family members and says nothing but garbage and his family is the one that tries to help him. For some reason he has a total hatred against the family.

I am scared for my parents because he can hurt them when he is under the influence.

What could be done in this situation?

by Roger

I am addicted to many different drugs.

Can you send me information about getting off them?

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