Questioning an addict

by Kris

(Waco texas)

DOC is Meth, he has been to a rehab and has been clean almost 60 days. I have given him the task and opportunity of earning my trust back by letting him use my car for going to meetings……However, every other day he has kept in touch every other day about every hour. Today, he did not do this.

I questioned him on where he was and where he went due to the timeframe it took him to where he was supposed to go. He yelled at me, hung up on me and gave me a couple of different answers……should I be questioning him???

Is that wrong to question his whereabouts?

Isn’t he accounatble for these things?

Ask Questions

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Kris,

You keep questioning. It’s one thing to listen to him telling you that he will do the right thing. It’s another for him to actually do it.

It’s your car and you are responsible. What if he got high and killed somebody? It’s your car and you let him use it, knowing that he’s an addict. He yelled at you and hung up. That’s a sign that he’s been lying to you and a red flag. Take the car away.

Josh Hamilton, the standout player for the Texas Rangers, gets drug tested and questioned every day, and he welcomes it. He has accepted responsibility.

Keep asking your questions and demanding a straight answer. If he is serious about staying clean and sober, he’ll respond properly. Do not accept any answer unless you can see the evidence that he has told you the truth. In the meantime, he has to earn those keys, so keep them in your pocket.

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