Reducing Drug Abuse?

What can we do to reduce on the problem of drug abuse?

What should I do to address the problem of drug abuse?


by: J R M

I believe it should start with parents however a lot of kids go unsupervised. Parents should not be so easily convinced into believing that their child is innocent and blame it on their friends.

I also like to minister to the younger kids about the dangers, but it’s like fighting an uphill battle however well worth it.

Many are called but few are chosen, so start spreading good things and get involved in your community.

Be nosy parents and keep an eye open because drugs are everywhere.

Talk About It

by: Ned Wicker

Everyone is responsible for the prevention of drug abuse, from parents talking to their kids about the dangers of drugs, to concerned citizens cooperating with law enforcement to rid their neighborhoods of drug houses.

Pharmaceutical companies also play a role, because believe it or not, all of life’s problems are not solved by taking one of their pills.

We need to get much smarter about this.

Parents–talk to your kids. Have open conversations and listen to them. Inventory your medicines in the house and protect them against little fingers who might want to take them.

Friends–help your friends who need someone to come along side and guide them.

Employers– addiction is a disease, so treat it like one and help your workers get into treatment.

Citizens–write your elected officials and tell them you want to bolster drunk driving laws and encourage the creation and funding of drug courts.

Don’t sweep drug addiction under the table. This is an important community conversation.

Here is some more from our prevention page on the site:

Drug abuse prevention begins early

One of the best ways of communicating with children, and other adults, is to be the example. If I don?t want you to use drugs or alcohol, I should not use them in the presence of an impressionable person. It?s like smoking cigarettes. If mom and dad smoke, chances are the kids will smoke.

Parents are encouraged to have an open dialog and to try to be objective about their children. ?My little Johnny would never take drugs? is a seriously short-sighted statement when examined from the standpoint that every child is a potential drug abuser and addict.

You can see that denial plays a big role in dealing with potential hazards.

Strong Parenting is KEY!

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