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by Brooke

Please send me literature on drug and alcohol addiction as I believe (as do others who love me) that I may have a problem.

Information is Everywhere

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Brooke,

The most important step you can take in dealing with any drug and alcohol problem is admitting that you have a problem. You are obviously concerned and that is hopeful.

We are all body, mind and spirit, so any approach you take to finding a solution for your problem should include all three areas.

For the body, you can start with a physical examination. Let the doctor determine your overall health and be sure to share your concerns. Your doctor can recommend a plan for you, or make a referral.

Your emotional state also plays into your problem and so often people will try hard to overcome their troubles, but they don’t have support. That is why meetings are so important to people trying to get better.

The love and support they receive from members of AA and other organizations is key to their success. Regardless of religious beliefs, or no religious beliefs at all, we all are spiritual beings.

Our well being depends on a balance of our three essential areas of self. AA believes that alcoholism, for example, requires a spiritual solution and so many people who have gone through the 12 Step process and actually done each step with diligence and courage, have had a spiritual awakening. I can’t define that for you, as it is individual.

You can turn your life around if you want to do it. You have choices. Let those who love you be a help. Don’t shut them out. You can beat this, and you will beat this. Make some calls and determine which direction you want to take.

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