Son a long-time drug user?

by John

I have a 39 year old son who has used drugs since high school and has not been able to put his life on order.

He was unable to finish college and really has no job skills He has been in a destructive relationship with a girl who has a bi-polar disorder, and who also uses drugs.

They both say they would like to get the lives in order, but so far have been unable to do so. Is there a way forward for us. I could afford to send him to a residential program for a year, if that would help, especially if other life management help were included, e.g., anger management and vocational training.

Any advice, or where to go to get some?


A Price To Be Paid

by: Ned Wicker


Your son may not want to get treatment. The relationship with his girlfriend is toxic. They want to get their lives in order, but somehow that never happens.

It’s an on-going cycle of addiction that will not change. Your son needs to get out of his present environment and he needs to take advantage of your offer and go into treatment for as long as it takes.

He will probably resist, using her as his excuse. He has to get away from her. You need a plan and a call to a local drug treatment center may help you establish a direction. Al-Anon is also an excellent support organization for you.

If he is dependent on you for financial support, you have some leverage. You need to get your own team together, then reach out to your son and put your plan into action.

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