Son Addicted to Opana

by Lisa

My son has admitted to being addicted to Opana for the last 5 months. He has no insurance, no money, and wants to quit cold turkey.

Do you have any suggestions for inexpensive relief during withdrawals? He is in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Thank you for your informative website.

He Needs Treatment

by: Ned Wicker

Opana is an opioid medication prescribed for those patients requiring round-the-clock pain management. You need to try to get him into treatment. Drug treatment is not necessarily a good option for him, but counseling can be very effective, if he allows it.

Our colleague, Joe Herzanek, does counseling by phone and he’;s right there in Colorado. His number is 303-775-6493. He is the author of the outstanding book, “Why Don’t They Just Quit?”

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