Son needs drug class?

by Cruz

My son needs to complete drug classes for marijuana. He is on probation and the court is requesting drug classes to be completed. I have Kaiser insurance or I need something affordable?

Opportunity to Get Better

by: Ned Wicker

On the surface, the probation seems harsh, but if your son embraces the opportunity, the courts may have done him a great service. If your insurance will cover his treatment all the better.

Having already run afoul with the law, he needs to take advantage of any treatment that comes his way and there are excellent programs out there to help addicts. The problems he has experienced tells you that he’s in trouble, but there is hope.

I would suggest taking your son in to a local doctor for a complete check-up and assessment. The doctor should give you a good referral for a treatment program in your area based on the assessment of your son’s needs.

You also need help and I would recommend a call to Al-Anon to learn how you can best deal with your situation. They are knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding. They will help you learn how to help but not enable your son’s drug use.

Your son can get better. This is opportunity knocking I would take advantage of it if you can.

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