Standing by a criminal drug addict

My boyfriend has struggled with opiate addiction on & off for several years. I have only been with him 1 year & have seen heroin ruin our lives in the past couple of months.

We were trying to jump hoops with Semca & VA the last couple of weeks to get him into a rehab as he wanted…however they made one hurdle after another with faxing & documentation.

Unfortunately last week he decided to break into a home & steal gold for drug money. He is now in jail & realizes how bad his addiction got. I have a 9 year old daughter. We moved in with my boyfriend 6 months into the relationship.

I do not want to endanger her. My extended family moved us out from my boyfriend’s house immediately the day he was arrested & they want me to have nothing to do with him now (as I can understand).

At first I felt that way, now I feel it was the disease of addiction that was controlling his life & I want to stand by him. He doesn’t have any close friends left & has a very small family…he doesn’t have a lot of support.

He knows after jail he needs to still do rehab, sober-living, therapy & meetings. I want to stand by him & continue our relationship, however my family will not have it.

I’m 33 yrs old with a decent medical job & a wonderful daughter; however I will loose my siblings/cousins support if I wait for my boyfriend & continue a life with him after jail.

There is a chance this is his rock-bottom & will never go back to drugs but there is a chance the disease will take over again. What should I do?

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