Strong Soul

I always been a kid who talks a lot and hangs with friends but when I got mentally ill I kinda went away from my friends. My grades got really bad so my school tried to put me in a special class so I went there and met few guys who were smoking weed/hash and some spice.

Anyway, I got friends with them and then after the school they started smoking spice and for some reason I couldn’t say no and when I got high I felt so much better everything got so easy and after that I kinda started buying it and like not seeing it.

I was high all the time but when I got bored of it I started taking lsd and mushrooms all of it made me more ill then I was but when I got the view of it all.

I couldn’t stop day after day I took it and felt more ill after my 5months I was really messed up and my mom and dad didn’t see anything. I was barley talking to them but one day when I saw my mom sitting in my room crying and looking at my drugs she said nothing just went from my room and I felt such a huge pain in my heart.

I saw I was screwing my family up like my brother did so I said no I won’t do it anymore. I took contact with rehab in Gothenburg and they took me in. I felt scared and safe but after few days I was crazy I wanted to take my life more then ever. I didn’t get what I wanted but after one months i’ve felt better.

From now one i’ll know it’s bad and i’ll never forget it it’s in my head every day telling me I want it but I remind my self it’s nothing to have.

More Than Just Getting High

by: Ned Wicker

I am glad to hear that you are receiving help. Addiction is a terrible disease, as it robs you of your family relationships. You saw what your disease did to your mother and you took positive action.

Addicts tend to deny their problem, insisting that the entire world has the problem and not them. You have seen your way. I congratulate you. Find a good recovery program and stay clear of those people who got you into the drug culture.

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