Suspect daughter and boyfriend of drugs

My daughter (23) has been living with her boyfriend for the past 2 years, in which time she has steadily withdrawn from us and her siblings.

She has lost 2 jobs within the last 2 years, and her and her boyfriend will disappear for 2-3 days at a time. They shun all contact – don’t answer calls, don’t keep appointments and generally keep to themselves all the time.

When confronted about our suspicions she is hard, calculating and deceitful. We want them to reach out and look for help, or to speak to us.

How do we approach this without having them withdraw even more?

Suspect daughter and boyfriend of drugs

by: Lynette


I can definitely sympathize with your situation. My son is 27 and he has struggled with drug addiction for 13 years. He is presently in jail for driving while under the influence of drugs.

So, I would really like to warn you that I feel you should step in and talk to your daughter and tell her the following: If she is using drugs she could be arrested and end up in jail, lose her license and car (car will probably not be returned to her), kill someone else, kill herself.

Illegal drugs are nothing to play with-trust me.

You could suggest that they attend an Alcoholic’s Anonymous meeting. YOU could attend an Al Anon meeting which is for family and friends of alcoholics and drug addicts. These meetings and the people there have helped me tremendously. YOU could also speak to a counselor, clergy or medical doctor for help. Take care of yourself.

If you daughter will not listen, then at least you tried. Other than that, I believe, you have to put her in God’s hands. Do not help her in any way until she can assure you that she is not using drugs.

Another warning: They may steal from you, lie to you to get money and for other reasons, and even worse. I speak from experience. Sometimes people are trying to help the drug addict but end up actually hurting them because they are helping them to keep their drug use going.

Good luck and I’ll say a prayer for you-Lynette

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